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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Top Ten Things I Think I Think

1. Midwest Express is a great airline to travel on. Fresh warm chocolate chip cookies. Big thumbs up in my book.

2. Kansas City is a nice place. Very nice people. Awesome food.

3. The women here are beautiful (as they are in most places).

4. Its flat.

5. Is Embassy Suites anti gun everywhere or is there something going on in Kansas (actually, we are in Missouri) that causes them to put up a BIG no concealed carry sign on the front door.

6. New job is great. Jumped in with both feet, haven't had time to breath yet. Sitting in a nice Embassy Suites atrium doing some research and quick catch up reading before a meeting in 20

7. Skeet shooting on Saturday.

8. Looks like I will soon be blogging elsewhere under my real name - but don't expect any links to the new page on this site :)

9. Based upon dinner conversations last night, it looks like the Nancy Pelosi has actually been listening to some of her smarter members. Might not be good for the Republicans, though Colin Peterson's status is rising within the party. Thats a good thing - i think - as he does play with the Second Amendments. Perhaps someone can enlighten us more.

10. I miss my wife and son.


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