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Saturday, September 16, 2006

My crapppy day

Bitter's already hinted at what I went through today.

Lets just say, these people are nuts.

I went to a conference today in Albany that was overwhelmingly weighted (like 14 out of 16 panelists) to tree hugging anti meat types. Not put on by PETA, it was actually put on by the state Bar and held in a law school, but it certainly felt that way.

As if the panelists weren't biased enough, lunch was a real eye opener.

Bread with soy cheese, alfalfa sprouts, lettuce and tomatoe. For a condiment, they offerred veganaisse - animal free mayonaise.

Dissapointed, I asked the guy in front of my on line if he knew where I could get a cheese burger. Guy turns around and its one of the panelists from a very large, very rish, very public animal rights group (ie: the Canine American folks).

He shot me his death ray stare. I went to the hospital across the street and got some protein and vitamin G at their cafeteria.


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