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Friday, September 29, 2006

Mark Foley

So, Republican Congressman Mark Foley plays with boys.

Those on the left wing blogs will trumpt this as another example of a perverted and hypocritical Republican surprise. They will be partly right. It is certainly disturbing behaviour from Foley, and not the least bit Hypocrtical considering some of the positions he has taken on internet trolling and sex and moral issues.

However, the gay part isn't a surprise. Not to anyone in DC at least.

Here's one more thing you haven't seen elsewhere. This evening, at 7:30, one of my hill sources informed me that the reason Foley hadn't made any public statements or been seen was because he was locked up in his office being interviewed by the FBI who are looking into this case for likely prosecution. Said source indicated there were a couple of agents stationed outside the office with a whole contingent inside.

Don't know if its true or not - my office is on the Senate side - but I have no reason not to believe the report from an otherwise reputable source in a position to know.


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