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Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Peoples Republic of New Jersey, West

At least thats what the bigoted idiots would like to turn the city of brotherly love into.

Thankfully, saner minds prevailed.

"Liberal gun-grabbing legislation is going to go down here," said Metcalfe (R., Butler). "... And I'm going to continue to stand with some of my colleagues and reference those hundreds of thousands of Second Amendment supporters that want the gun-grabbing legislation to go down."

Those comments set off Evans and other Philadelphia Democrats.

"Nobody is immune to violence. Nobody in this room," he said. "Don't you understand that because we sit in this isolated place with all kinds of security around, all kinds of guards around, don't you understand that you can walk out here and anybody can be capped?"

Rep. James R. Roebuck Jr. (D., Phila.) shouted, "Philadelphia is not the center of evil as some of you suggest... . Tell me how to save the children. Don't just tell me to keep things as they are."

Here's 10 ways to Save The Children Mr. Roebuck:

1) Throw your criminals in jail, and don't release them early;
2) Create more room for them by executing your hardened criminals - the worst murderers and rapists (you can start with Mumia Abu Jamal;
3) Mandatory firearms training for all teachers in Philly;
4) Mandatory concealed carry permits for all teachers in Philly (and the requirement to carry them in the classroom);
5) Removal of all touchy feely meaningless social re-engineering classes in Philly schools;
6) Return of junior-ROTC to Philly schools;
7) Mandatory participation for all enrolled public school studentsin junior-ROTC;
8) Mandatory riflery classes and NRA firearms training for all Philly students;
9) Free NRA firearms training for Philly parents;
10) Increased CCW permitting, coupled with tax benefits for any holders, for Philly citizens (this could be expanded statewide).

Of course, keeping your head in the sand is never the way to go.

Bryan Miller, executive director of Ceasefire NJ, said that although the votes might not reflect victory, growing public support as shown by a rally attended by more than 2,000 people Tuesday at the Capitol suggests otherwise.

"This is the first crack in the pro-gun armor in Pennsylvania," said Miller. "People now believe that something can be done. For the first time at the statehouse, before the press and the citizens, we gave them that message."

Mr. Roebuck, one other suggestion. Officially banish any individual from Ceasefire NJ or any other gun grabbing group from crossing the river into Pennsylvania. Seriously. These folks don't have the slightest idea. First crack my ass.

Even the liberal and generally clueless Philadelphia Inquirer realizes this.

It became apparent from the outset of the daylong debate that bills pertaining in any way to restricting gun ownership were heading to defeat. One by one, gun-rights supporters - both Republican and Democrat - rejected the proposals.


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