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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Lock Him Up

Looks like there'll be one less student at Yale this fall.
A 21-year-old Yale student, posing as a volunteer at the Republican National Convention, got within 10 feet of Vice President Dick Cheney and shouted anti-war statements before being dragged away, authorities said Tuesday.

What an ass. In his struggle to evade arrest he apparantly hit one of the Secret Service guys in the face. I hope they treat him like the cunning and plotting terrorist he is.
Federal prosecutor John M. Hillebrecht said Frampton went through elaborate efforts to get close to Cheney, including going through training sessions with convention organizers, "all the while masquerading as a Republican supporter of the president."

Of course, you won't be surprised to learn that this bozo has never lived in the real world.
Frampton's father is a partner at a New York law firm and mother is a professional photographer in Washington
Typical limousine liberal. He was charged with assaulting federal officers and imeding the operation of the Secret Service.

If I was the prosecutor I'd lock him up in Guantanamo and throw away the key. Sadly, they released the guy on $50,000 bail already.

12 Days

There are only 12 more days until my so called "assualt weapon" is simply a rifle.

Rep. Schrock

John Tant has some thoughts on Congressman Schrock's "outing." I tend to agree with John that the practice, especially coming from hypocrites who claim an unfettered right to privacy in all aspects of life, is outrageous. Howeve, as I stated yesterday, Schrock should have expected this to happen. When you play with matches. . . . .

Hurrican Blogging

I hope everyone in the Southeast survives Huricane Frances. its looking like a bad one.

From the looks of this map, it appears to be heading directly for St. Simons Island and Brunswick, GA. I hope it doesn't . . . part of the charm of this area is that it has not been hit by a hurricane in over 100 years.

If it is hit, the storm surge is likely to be devestating for Brunswick, GA. I'd imagine it would be much worse for St. Simons.


Sorry the bloggins been light today again. I was up most of the night, both with my pretty bad sunburn but also because of the trouble my wife and son encountered in Richmond, VA driving back from St. Simons Island.

Not sure how many of you are aware of this, but Richmond was hit with flooding of biblical proportions last night. At one point, just as my wife and 2 year old were entering the city on I-95, the rain was coming down at a rate of 7-10 inches an hour. Traffic pretty much came to a standstill and they moved less than a mile in 2-3 hours of the downpour, watching as the roads around them quickly began to fill with raging waters.

A brick building of at least two stories had collapsed in the Shockoe Bottom area, and several dozen buildings had extensive water damage after the rain that fell Monday afternoon and evening flooded the area as much as 10 feet deep, Mayor Rudolph McCollum said Tuesday. In places, rushing water floated cars and trucks and smashed them into buildings.

Almost 80 roads eneded up being closed, and close to 100,000 people were without electric as a result of the storm.

Eventually, they were able to get off the interstate (which had been closed down) and thanks to the fact that they were driving an SUV, were able to avoid flooding the engine and driving over washed out sections of road and head west until they could stay at a hotel. Other cars around them weren't able to get out.

I guess SUV's don't necessarily suck then, do they. Or am I simply being a cold hearted, selfish, American human. And people wonder why I hate Gulfstream liberal environmentalists.

God damn hypocrites. May they all rot in hell.

Indian Larry


Here's the A.P. story:
CONCORD, N.C. -- A custom motorcycle builder known for his appearances on cable's Discovery Channel died Monday at a hospital of head injuries suffered during a stunt, officials said.

"Indian Larry" fell off a motorcycle Saturday while performing before 8,000 people at an arena outside Charlotte. He was not wearing a helmet, the officials said.

Indian Larry was standing on the moving bike when it began to wobble and went out of control, said Mike Downs, Cabarrus County deputy manager. His full name was not immediately known.

"Indian Larry was a man with great skill and talent as a mechanic and metal sculptor," said Robert Freeman, chairman of the county board of commissioners. "He will be truly missed by his fans here in Cabarrus County and throughout the nation."

Indian Larry, who appeared in movies and television shows, was featured on a Discovery Channel series in which motorcycle builders design and build bikes from scratch, then have them judged by motorcycle aficionados.
If your going to ride a motorcycle, please wear a helmet.

12 Days

Monday, August 30, 2004

Go John Go


McCain Rocks!
Those who criticize that decision would have us believe that the choice was between a status quo that was well enough left alone and war. But there was no status quo to be left alone.

The years of keeping Saddam in a box were coming to a close. The international consensus that he be kept isolated and unarmed had eroded to the point that many critics of military action had decided the time had come again to do business with Saddam, despite his near daily attacks on our pilots, and his refusal, until his last day in power, to allow the unrestricted inspection of his arsenal.

Our choice wasn't between a benign status quo and the bloodshed of war.

It was between war and a graver threat. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Not our critics abroad. Not our political opponents.

And certainly not a disingenuous film maker who would have us believe that Saddam's Iraq was an oasis of peace when in fact it was a place of indescribable cruelty, torture chambers, mass graves and prisons that destroyed the lives of the small children held inside their walls.

Goose and the Gander

Whats good for the goose is good for the Gander, or so they say. My only reaction to this news is WOW!
U.S. Rep. Edward L. Schrock abruptly announced Monday that he will not seek a third term in Congress, citing unspecified allegations "that have called into question my ability" to serve.

In a five-paragraph news release issued by his office, Schrock said he has "come to the realization that these allegations will not allow my campaign to focus on the real issues facing our nation."

He continued: "Therefore, as of today, I am stepping aside and will no longer be the Republican nominee for Congress."

What were those unspecified allegations?

Well I had read about them a couple of days ago here but simply dismissed them as mere internet rumor mongering.
Congressman Ed Schrock has made a habit of rendezvousing with gay men via the MegaMates/ MegaPhone Line, an interactive telephone service on which men place ads and respond to those ads to meet each other. What makes this story more amazing? Congressman Schrock not only voted for the homophobic Marriage Protection Act, but he also signed on as a CO-SPONSOR of the Federal Marriage Amendment!

Ed Schrock has a voting record that the most right wing conservative would be proud of. The Christian Coalition gave him a 92% rating in their 2003 voting guide.

Now, I am no big fan of "outing" people. What they do in their bedroom is their own business. However, this IS pretty shocking, but sadly also stereotypical. Now, of course, Schrock could be Gay and also opposed to gay marriage as bad public policy (which I tend to believe) but he ought to have known his political enemies would uncover this scandal. . . especially on the heals of McGreevy. At least he has the good sense to resign before election day, and contrary to what Kos is reporting, I highly doubt that the Ds will ever be able to pick up this seat.

They've posted audio of his telephone calls here. This is not really work friendly or for the faint of heart.

I'm Famous

Cam Edwards has picked up my post on the electoral college editorial in the Times and has dedicated a good portion of his show to it as well as making it the poll of the day.

Monday Song Lyric

Well, I'm back. I was hoping to have some pics and other info up already, but alas, i don't. I went kayaking yesterday (Roosevelt Island to the Chain Bridge Falls) and got a bad sunburn instead.

Anyway, while on vacation I had the pleasure of seeing AC/DC's shot on Behind the Music. Very good program and Malcom Young statement concerning the death of Bonn Scott (They were more concerned with protecting his parents from the media than their own future because "Their just nice people") was more down to earth than the usual drivel VH1 spews out on its program.

Since I am back, and the web page continues to be black, and all the dead skin on my shoulders (which is red right now) will eventually be black, I thought AC/DC would be a fitting tune. Plus. they are one of my alltime favs.

Back in Black
(Young - Young - Johnson)

Back in black, I hit the sack
I been too long, I'm glad to be back
Yes I'm, let loose from the noose
That's kept me hanging about
I keep looking at the sky cause it's gettin' me high
Forget the hearse cause I'll never die
I got nine lives cat's eyes
Using every one of them and runnin' wild

'Cause I'm back
Yes I'm back, well I'm back
Yes I'm back
Well I'm back back
Well I'm back in black
Yes I'm back in black

Back in the back of a Cadillac
Number one with a bullet I'm a power pack
Yes I'm, In a bang with the gang
They gotta catch me if they want me to hang
'Cause I'm back on the track and I'm beatin' the flack
Nobody's gonna get me on another rap
So look at me now I'm just makin' my play
Don't try to push your luck just get out of my way

'Cause I'm back
Yes I'm back, well I'm back
Yes I'm back
Well I'm back back
Well I'm back in black
Yes I'm back in black

Well I'm back, yes I'm back
Well I'm back, yes I'm back
Well I'm back back
Well I'm back in black
Yes I'm back in black

Well I'm back (I'm back)
Back (I'm back), back (I'm back)
Back (I'm back), back (I'm back)
Back, back in black
Yes I'm back in black
Outta sight

John Kerry's An Ignorant, Blind, Clueless Asshole.

I posted this way way way way back in January after the South Carolina debate.

If someone knows how I can get an audio track of the debate, I have a great anti Kerry flash commercial I'd love to make.

Here's what I said then.Read this exchange.
Its from the South Carolina Debate.
Is this really the guy the Democrats are going to nominate?

What does he call the airplanes flying into the WTC and Pentagon. Even Howard Dean isn't this clueless. Joe Lieberman should take this and RUN RUN RUN. God Help The Democratic Party.

BROKAW: We're back on stage at the Peace Center for Performing Arts in Greenville, South Carolina, with the seven presidential candidates contesting for the Democratic presidential nomination. South Carolina's primary is next Tuesday.

Senator Kerry, let me ask you a question. Robert Kagan, who writes about these issues a great deal from the Carnegie Institute for Peace, has written recently that Europeans believe that the Bush administration has exaggerated the threat of terrorism, and the Bush administration believes that the Europeans simply don't get it.

Who is right?

KERRY: I think it's somewhere in between. I think that there has been an exaggeration and there has been a refocusing...

BROKAW: Where has the exaggeration been in the threat on terrorism?

KERRY: Well, 45 minutes deployment of weapons of mass destruction, number one.

Aerial vehicles to be able to deliver materials of mass destruction, number two.

I mean, I -- nuclear weapons, number three.

I could run a long list of clear misleading, clear exaggeration. The linkage to Al Qaida, number four.

That said, they are really misleading all of America, Tom, in a profound way. The war on terror is less -- it is occasionally military, and it will be, and it will continue to be for a long time. And we will need the best-trained and the most well-equipped and the most capable military, such as we have today.

But it's primarily an intelligence and law enforcement operation that requires cooperation around the world -- the very thing this administration is worst at. And most importantly, the war on terror is also an engagement in the Middle East economically, socially, culturally, in a way that we haven't embraced, because otherwise we're inviting a clash of civilizations.
Of course, this just reminds me again why I feel so strongly about my prediction here.

If you've got that audio, send it over. Thanks.

Kerry On Iraq

Seems Kerry On Iraq has surpassed the opening day numbers for Michael Moore's slanderous flick.

Check it out.

Blogger Browse

One of the nifty new features blogger has introduced (in addition to the gmail accounts) is the Blogger Browser. If you look at the top right hand corner of my page, you will notice where it has a little static bar and button for the NEXT BLOG. If you hit it, it takes you to a random blogger page that was updated that day.

Well, I just hit it and came to James Powers art gallery. Since my wife is an artist (but unwilling to share her work online, so far) and her art was the source of our introduction (and, together with Lynyrd Skynyrd, one of the reasons I became intrigued by her) I always try to promote other artists.

So, in that spirit, check out Jame's work. Purchase some if your so inclined as well.

You could also do worse than to check out Sarah Hemphel's site too! But she's on the blog roll, so you should have been to her bog at least, already.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

14 days

If you look to the left, you will notice that there are only 14 days, a mere two weeks, until the expiration of the so called assault weapons ban.

Check out and the NRA's Clinton Gun Ban page for more information on how this giant waste of time and resources ever became law and why its expiration is a good thing.


Apparantly, I am the top referrer for nminusone.

I've never heard of it, but somehow, I am linking to it. Check it out, its a pretty amusing blog, and the music is . . . . shall we say . . . . unique.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

I'm Back

I'm Back!

But I'm not going to be posting tonite. Rather, I've got some sleep to catch up on, laundry to wash, crown molding to put up, and guns to shoot.

Look for a recap of the week tomorrow and Monday.

Highlights - The wonderful King and Prince Hotel (where we stay every year and will keep returning), the great people at Southeastern Adventure Outfitters, and some new gun porn - the Ruger Mark II in .22lr.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

The Continuing Kerry Sage

The lack of knowledge about the issues and major players by media heads on both sides is simply astonishing.
Last night for instance, every channel had a Kerry Campaign representative talking about how the so called coordination of the Swift Boat Vets was handled by the same group of people who launched the whisper campaign against John McCain and that Bush intended to do the same thing to Kerry.

Throughout these discussions, on Fox, CNN, MSNBC, Headlines News, CNBC and the network newscasts, images and sounds from the latest video were played, with most focusing on the comments of Paul Galanti. Not one single talking head mentioned that Paul Galanti was a leader of McCain's presidential campaign.

I've always thought (indeed, its one of the reasons I started blogging) that TV journalists and commentators are for the most part brainless fools and if they can go on the air and talk about something they obviously have not done even a 30 second google search on, then I can too. Last night, it was confirmed.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Traitorous John Kerry

Well, I just can't stay away from this blogging thing - I had to comment on this latest ad.

The Swift Boat Veterans just released a devastating new ad focusing on Kerry's Congressional Statements concerning Vietnam.

This one is going to be nearly impossible for Kerry to spin away.

Paul Galanti - one of the POWs highlighted in the ad, discusses how they "took torture to avoid saying" what Kerry stated. Galanti continues that John Kerry's testimony "demoralized" the POWs.

What is so powerful about this ad, is that Galanti, who was a resident of the Hanoi Hilton, with John McCain, from June 17, 1966 until February 12, 1973 is NOT a Bush supporter. Indeed, he was named to the Virginia Department of Veterans Affairs by Governor Mark Warner (a democrat) and was the Virginia Chair of John McCain's Presidential campaign.

Why Vote for Bush

Sorry, but I had to pop in for one more post before I depart.

One of the little known facts of government that has ALWAYS driven me crazy is the cost of regulations.

In 2003 the Treasury Department reported that federal discretionary spending was $825 billion (Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 2005 page 150, 2000, U.S. Government Printing Office) and in 2003 the total of all individual income taxes paid was $794 billion. (Treasury Department Gross Tax Collections: Amount Collected by Quarter and Fiscal Year, 1987-2003) and the total of all corporate income taxes paid in 2003 was $197 billion (W. Crain, T. Hopkins, The Impact of Regulatory Costs on Small Firms). According to the Crain and Hopkins study, commissioned by the U.S. Small Business Adminsitration, the annual cost of ALL federal regulations is presently estimated at about $843 billion with the impact of environmental regulations (many of which have dubious benefits) costing $132 billion.

Why do I mention these very troubling number, indicative of a gluttonous federal government?

Because in the last few days both the New York Times and Washington Post have run major articles on President Bush's failure to enact enough regulation, with the Post's Howard Kurtz giving the subject an additional treatment on Tuesday.

To see what the biased media elite's are talking about, check out this graphic from the New York Times and the cost of new regulations.

Now, for months, many liberatarians have complained about the increased size of government under Bush. Democrats, correctly, criticized him for months on this issue, and the average listener may have been led to believe this was a problem they the Democrats intended (at least in their talking points) to correct, if only we elected John Kerry.

I just never imagined their suggested correction would be to keep growing the size of government.

This has all led Virginia Postrel to ask a very important question, that I absolutly concur with:
Why on earth would a libertarian vote for Goerge Bush?

I hope this clarifies the answer.


That would be Ta Ta For Now. I'm leaving tomorrow for greener, warmer, and, wetter pastures.

Seeing as I will be doing this for the next week

And be hanging out in places like this

And this

Its easy to understand why I might not be updating the blog.

Have no fear though, because I will be returning just in time for the Republican Convention and lots more blogging fun.

In the meantime, keep digging up the Kerry dirt. We've got to defeat this scumbag.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Updated John "Sportsman My Ass" Kerry Info

Check out my post the other day about John Kerry's hunting records. There's lots of updated information.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

John Kerry's Hydrosperm

Better than Botox?

One Step Closer

Looks like the Germans are one giant step closer to joining the ranks of Phil Donohue and the French.

Its disgusting, really.

I supposed they will just offer their testicles up on a platter soon.


No word on Mr. McGreevey. Looks like he's still on vacation and still a democrat.


Kerry just finished his speach to the Veterans of Foreign War, a group he roundly criticized back in the 70s, but whose support he now desperatly wants.

While he hit on a number of issues that should have recieved overwhelming support from the VFW their support of him was tepid at best - and the light applause you heard was more akin to manners than actual support.

Of course, I was hoping the VFW would riot and chant and send Kerry back to the mansion, but alas, these Veterans have more class, and respect for the office Kerry seeks, than to engage in that behaviour (even if Kerry doesn't deserve the slightest bit of respect).

Thin Skin

The whinning of liberals and special interst groups never ceases to amaze or annoy me. I'm gonna take a break though and let Dr. Z weigh in on the current Jeff Garcia is gay controversy.
First of all I really got a kick out of all those dimwits who protested that T.O. referred to gays as vermin, crawling things, rats, etc., because of his analogy, "If it looks like a rat and smells like a rat ... " Folks, I am no Owens apologist, as you will read further on, but when you use the analogy form, it is not meant to be taken literally. Honest. It would be as if Owens would have said, "Where there's smoke, there's fire," and the Firefighters of America would have protested vigorously at being called gay. "Never be surprised at the stupidity that abounds in our country," an old high school teacher once told me, but I can't help it. I'm constantly surprised.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

How The Mighty Have Fallen

For too long we'veheard too much about how superior some are, how their destiny demands respect, howtheir work ethics and morals rise above the competition and will allow them to once again stroll towards victory.

Well, oh how the mighty have fallen, and I'm not talking about the thugs on the U.S. Olympic Basketball team.

Rather, it looks like Pete Carroll's much lauded USC team has gotten itself into an old fashion NebraskMiamiBamaFloridaStateOklahomaColorado type of sex scandal.
At least one member of the top-ranked Southern California football team is under investigation for sexual assault, the Los Angeles Police Department said Tuesday.

The assault allegedly occurred Monday morning, according to Officer Esther Reyes, a police spokeswoman.

"[Tuesday] the rape special section of LAPD's robbery division began conducting an investigation into the allegation of a sexual assault that may involve a member or members of the USC football team," Reyes said.

Hmm, I wonder if the holier than thou powers to be at USC will do the right thing?

Diversity Celebrations

I've always wanted to celebrate diversity. I just didn't really know how. Thanks to the folks at though, I can now Celebrate Diversity in style everyday with my new shirt!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

John "Sportsman My Ass" Kerry

Much has been made about John Kerry's recollections of his love for deer hunting. While most commentators are astounded at his claims that he used a shotgun and crawled around on his stomach, most have not pressed the issue beyond simply ridiculing Mr. Kerry. While clearly not a Kerry fan, I am nevertheless hesitant to challenge the story (scroll down to "The Last Word") on the facts uncovered so far.

However, as we have seen with his claims of Christmas in Cambodia, there exists a written record that will undoubtably expose John Kerry to be the liar he is. And what record is that - simple, in order to hunt, Mr. Kerry would have been required to apply for a hunting license and a deer tag. If he hunts as often as he lets on, then he certainly can dig up some documentary evidence of this (and show how he has been licensed for years, not just the last year), and if not, then an audit of the state records in whatever state he crawled around with his trusty 12 guage in could show it.

In addition, while Massachussets doesn't require a license to own a shotgun, the state does require a license to carry or firearms identification card for the purchase of ammo and the possession of a shotgun while hunting.

I don't have the time to do this search (I'm already trying to take down enough enemies of America at work), but surely the NRA or the G.O.A. or some of my resourceful readers have the werewithall to FOIA these otherwise public records.

Seeing how onerous Massachusetts hunting regulations are, wouldn't it be interesting if Mr. Kerry could elaborate (in the debates or otherwise) on his experience in complying with them?

UPDATE: The Bitterest Bitch has some great information for all you treasure hunters out there.
  1. Apparantly, John Kerry does need to apply for a license to own a shotgun in Taxachussets
    Possession No License to Carry (LTC) or Firearms Identification (FID) Card is needed by bow hunters, nor by minors 12-14 years old hunting with a duly licensed adult, nor for the possession of primitive rifles or shotguns as defined in Chapter 140, Section 121, or their ammunition. However, an LTC or FID is required to purchase all ammunition, including black powder and Pyrodex. For hunting, resident citizens ages 15 and over must have an FID Card to possess a non-large capacity rifle or shotgun. An LTC is needed to possess large capacity rifles and shotguns and all handguns. Non-residents with a valid Massachusetts non- resident hunting license do not need an LTC or FID to possess or carry a rifle or shotgun, but must carry their firearms unloaded and in a case while traveling in their vehicles. Non-residents may not purchase guns or ammunition in Massachusetts.
    (emphasis mine). Thats almost as egregious as New Jersey. I'm glad I don't have to drive through Taxachussets anymore.

  2. John Kerry's firearms records are not considered public records for purposes of the states freedom of information act, though hunting license applications apparantly are.
      (j) the names and addresses of any persons contained in, or referred to in, any applications for any licenses to carry or possess firearms issued pursuant to chapter one hundred and forty or any firearms identification cards issued pursuant to said chapter one hundred and forty and the names and addresses on sales or transfers of any firearms, rifles, shotguns, or machine guns or ammunition therefor, as defined in said chapter one hundred and forty and the names and addresses on said licenses or cards;

  3. The process of applying for a hunting license doesn't lend itself to either organized state records, or ease of records retrieval. However, while that may be so, the state does have some records of John Kerry having applied for a hunting license in the past and as a search of this database reveals. To find his records, you will need his customer ID which can be retrieved by "Entering" the system and having this information on hand - John Kerry's name (duh!) his date of birth (12/11/1943) and his home address including zip code (19 Louisburg Square, Boston, MA 02108). That information should enable you to retrieve his customer id (388485) and home phone number (which I'm not going to publish) and shows he has apparantly applied for a license in the past (though, much like his refusal to pay the optional HIGHER massachussets tax rate, Mr. Kerry has declined the free Hunters Affinity card which helps to fund the purchase of additional hunting lands.

  4. Finally, since Kerry doesn't even show up in Massachussets to represent his constituents, she doesn't think he would ever actually hunt there (if, in fact, he did hunt) since his wife has homes all over the world. Can't say I disagree with this train of thought, although he has at least registered for a hunting license on one occaision.

WELCOME to all the folks from Clayton Cramer's blog. Please feel to stop in and look around. There's lots of good info scattered about. You can start at my home page, here.

Light Postings

Today's going to be a light posting day - at least till the afternoon. I was playing guitary last night for my son (who was jumping up and down and dancing on our bed) when he slipped and fell off hitting his head on a big old brass alarm clock.

He shattered its face and put a giant gash in the back of his head so I ended up spending a good part of the evening at the hospital where the little trooper received his first four (of what will undoutably be many) stitches. He didn't even fight them.

Anyway, I got back late last night and have some work to finish that I couldn't complete then. I do have some things to say today though, about the Washington Post Data Quality Act article which Howard Kurtz discusses as well as the passing of Phish.

I'll see you later this afternoon.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Best Blogs

Feel free to nominate me for the Post's Best Blogs survey.

Monday Song Lyric

Time for another Libertarian Song Lyric.

As I was driving home from breakfast at my favorite little greasy spoon restaurant, McLean Family Restaurant, on Saturday, I turned the radio onto NPR to see if Car Talk was on. Instead we tuned into the middle of an interview on Morning Edition between Scott Simon and Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead and Rat Dog.

Bob was talking about one of my all time favorite Grateful Dead songs, Cassidy. I had long thought Cassidy was written about Neal Cassady - aka Dean Moriarty It turns out, according to Weir, that the song was actually written while he lived on a farm in Wyoming while one of the women there was using his bed to give birth to a girl named Cassidy. Seems that David Crosby had taught him a new tuning on the guitar the day before and while everyone waited for Cassidy's birth, he started strumming along and wrote the music. Sadly, he didn't elaborate on when John Perry Barlow wrote the lyrics. Perhaps Mr. Barlow can comment.

I've always been a big Bob Weir fan, and previously covered the other stellar libertarian Barlow/Weir song Black Throated Wind when I wrote:
[M]ost fans did not even realize they were taking part in the greatest libertarian experiment ever. One look around the parking lot found people hawking the wares of whatever liberal interest group of the day was striking out. Often times, this involved the environmental prostitutes at Greenpeace and other such organizations I despise. However, for the most part, the band avoided these connections and preferred to let their “music do the talking.”

In doing so, when they weren’t noodling around in a drug induced fog, the music was a celebration of a time remembered, a style from before. As direct descendants of the Beat writers of San Francisco, they immediately picked up on a lot of the themes, specially of the joy of cross country travel, that Jack Kerouac wrote about and Neil Cassady (who was both the main character in one of the bands most popular songs, That’s It For The Other One and shares a name with another, Cassidy) inspired. With the exception of the psychedelic space trips, the Dead’s most memorable songs were all glorious celebrations of the road and travel, whether it is through the considerable number of railroad songs, cowboy jingles, or simply Truckin’ tunes, a Dead show promised to harken back to the time of Steinbeck and before. These songs all looked out at an expansive world, where anything was possible and life lived to the fullest evolved directly from nature. No government, just one person striking out on their own, with no support other than that they create.
Cassidy, as mentioned, clearly belongs to this school with its ultimate charge to the young girl to turn hardships into triumphs and wherever she goes, live her life on her own terms, by her own design. Truer words are rarely spoken.

I strongly recommend the version available on Reckoning.

Words by John Perry Barlow
Music by Bob Weir

I have seen where the wolf has slept by the silver stream.
I can tell by the mark he left you were in his dream.
Ah, child of countless trees.
Ah, child of boundless seas.
What you are, what you're meant to be
Speaks his name, though you were born to me,
Born to me,

Lost now on the country miles in his Cadillac.
I can tell by the way you smile he's rolling back.
Come wash the nighttime clean,
Come grow this scorched ground green,
Blow the horn, tap the tambourine
Close the gap of the dark years in between
You and me,

Quick beats in an icy heart.
catch-colt draws a coffin cart.
There he goes now, here she starts:
Hear her cry.
Flight of the seabirds, scattered like lost words
Wheel to the storm and fly.

Faring thee well now.
Let your life proceed by its own design.
Nothing to tell now.
Let the words be yours, I'm done with mine.


The Bitter Bitch is bitching away in high style at a slanderous Boston Globe story on Smith & Wesson and Boston's high rates of gun crimes.

Its excellent. Check it out.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Kerry and the Hamster

Turns out the Kerry Hamster story is still getting some play. I just don't know. Every time I hear about it, I think of Guy Focker's Cat Milking story, leading me to ask - Who is goin to be Kerry's Jack Byrnes????

Postal Match

I sent in my targets for the Postal Match the other day. It was a lot of fun, but awfully difficult to shoot. I thought I was scoring pretty low, but alas, it looks like my score is pretty average, with both Og and John Tant reporting similar success (or failure, as the case may be). Of the targets I mailed, I scored th following:

  • 1 target had 7 hits

  • 1 target had 5 hits

  • 2 targets had 4 hits

It will be interesting to see how these are scord. I think there is a guide to scoring them somewhere on the net, but I haven't found one (I haven't really looked though).

For those not participating, the match lasted over a two week period where the participants were to procure NRA A-36 targets and submit their best 40 shots. Each target holds 10 1 1/4" bullseyes, with each bullseye having six rings. We shot from 50 feet, at which distance (for my rapidly deteriorating eyes at least) the individual bullseye's were little more than specks in the distance. On top of that, my 10/22 isn't exactly match caliber, but rather a simple and fun plinking .22

For what it was worth, I was alternating ammo, and don't really know which ammo I used on which target. The results were generally equally poor with all. The ammo was

It will be interesting to see how I fair against others and I am really looking forward to next month's .22 Pistol Match!


Ha - I am now Gmailing it!!!!

New contact address is countertop at gmail dot com

Let me know what you think!

Flakes For Kerry

Apparantly, its All in the Family, and I don't mean just Mrs. Ketchup. Turns out her oldest, and least public, son is a flake too.
Heinz Kerry's eldest son lives with his physician wife, Kristann, on a wooded 163-acre farm near Philadelphia, refusing all inquiries about Kerry's campaign, the Heinz foundation or his own work and ambitions.

He operates a small Buddhist high school for troubled teens nearby, and makes reproduction ironwork in a studio on his secluded property, land he has conserved so it can never be developed.

. . . .

"We're just a little community school and obviously it doesn't do us any favors if people find out about it," said Peter Ryan, who with Heinz co-founded Tinicum Art and Science, a Buddhist alternative school, in Bucks County about five years ago.

Several districts send students to the school, which mixes a classic liberal arts curriculum with Zen precepts on "mindfulness" or self-awareness and electives ranging from martial arts to yoga to metalwork.
Buddhists in the White House.
How very gerbilish. I wonder if the Heinz Kerry ideal of a Buddhist Alternative school is modeled on the one John Bin Lindh attended?

Dealing with the media

A good suggestions from the Virginia Citizen's Defense League
Dan Litten sent me an email to suggest that when a newspaper or television news show starts putting out a bunch of anti-gun bunk, that you contact their advertisers and tell them that you won't being doing business with them as long as they advertise in a newspaper or television station that is actively trying to take away our proud American right to own guns. The First Amendment isn't just for the media!

Unconcealed Weapons

Apparantly, I missed this interesting look at guns from last weekends Washington Post. It starts out with these three paragraphs:
Americans may have a love affair with guns, but we are surprisingly squeamish about the sight of them in public. When a group of gun lovers wore their pieces openly in a Virginia restaurant last month, police were summoned. Surely it must be illegal. But it wasn't. The impulse to arrest them, even if contrary to state law, says a lot about our basic feelings toward such things. Guns, in public, make us uncomfortable.

Especially big ones. People with ominous-looking, large guns flashed back into American consciousness this week. On the streets of New York, dark-clad police with serious firepower patrolled outside the city's financial landmarks. The same could be seen in Washington. And with the Iraqi cleric Moqtada Sadr declaring an end to a shaky truce with U.S. forces, the young men of his Mahdi Army were out in force, assault rifles at the ready.

Newspaper images of these two unrelated events combined to make the world feel yet more gun-saturated. Knowing intellectually that the world is filled with guns is one thing. Experiencing it as a fact of daily life is another. Americans who travel abroad know the disconcerting frisson of arrival in a foreign land where uniformed teenagers with automatic weapons patrol airports and train stations. America, the quintessential "gun culture," takes for granted a symbolic low visibility of its military on the home front.

And it concludes with this thought:

If we are to live for the foreseeable future with big guns as part of our basic iconography, we must grow more comfortable with them in public spaces. The gun can't remain a discomfiting object at the same time that political leaders use them as part of their display of vigilance every time the terror level ticks up. We need a new image of ourselves, as Americans, that incorporates and increases the comfort level with the big gun as public tool.

In between, writer Philip Kennicott has a rather interesting take on the role of guns in the world. Read the whole thing, its fairly even handed for the otherwise left wing Post.

Thanks to the Virginia Citizen Defense League for picking it up in their weekly alert.

Virginia Gun Laws

While the media continues on with their heads in the sand (or up their asses, I can't tell), at least the voters of Virginia know not to tinker with things that aren't broken. this is from the Fairfax Connection newspaper - a local weekly (or is that a weak local) paper here in Northern Virginia.
To the Editor:
Concerning your editorial about guns and open carry, I have to wonder why you insist on "fixing" something that isn't broken. Crime statistics show that as Virginia has loosened up on gun control with the concealed-carry law and state pre-emption, the crime rate has dropped. At the same time, Maryland and the District have pursued gun control and enjoy crime rates more suitable to a banana republic. Does anyone notice a pattern here?
For Pete's sake, when something is working, let it go. Don't derail one of the few successful things to come out of Richmond in years.

Dan Arico

Friday, August 13, 2004

Cam Edwards and NRA News

Cam Edwards, the host of NRA News has a great show today examining Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and the implications for New Jersey gun owners on McGreevey's resignation.

Check him out. He just read my instant message about John Kerry on air. Wish I had saved it.

D.C. Gun Ban

Stop The Bleating is reporting that a D.C. Circuit Panel consisting of Judges Sentelle, Tatel, and Williams has been appointed to hear Seegards v. Ashcroft, one of the many challenges to the unconstitutional D.C. Gun Law. This is great news and means we may actually have a chance of overthrowing the suit.

They are pretty certain that Sentelle will come down on the correct side and correctly pin Tatel out as a liberal leftist Clinton appointee. However, they don'tknow much about Judge Williams.

While I can't say I have practiced before him, I am familiar with him and consider his participation to be an excellent sign. In United States v. Bailey, 36 F.3d 106 (D.C. Cir. 1994) Judge Williams authored a compelling dissent that exposed the extremes that the judiciary had gone through in interpreting anti gun legislation, and focused on the ludicrous of the charging somone with "using" a firearm in the commission of a crime when in fact it is was not located on their person .
In recent years, our cases have produced such inconsistency largely because we have failed to identify a clear definition of the term "use" of a firearm; it is that failure that has led to our frequent second-guessing of juries. In attempting to mend the incoherence of our previous approach by articulating a "proximity" plus "accessibility" test, however, the court has in effect diluted "use" to mean simply possession with a floating intent to use. In all but the rarest case, then, a defendant will be subject to punishment under § 924(c) if guilty of a drug trafficking offense and, while committing the offense, was in possession of a firearm. I think the wording, history and context of § 924(c) call for a different bright-line rule--one requiring active "use" rather than possession with a contingent intent to use.
Bailey at 122.

Thursday, August 12, 2004


As I am sure you've heard, Jim McGreevey is out of the closet and out of the governors mansion. Sadly, it won't be enough to save New Jersey. I think she may be lost for good.

Here is my comment on the buzz machine (I'll write more later)
Amazing is correct. From my vantage point in a conservatie office across from the White House myself and all my office mates are pretty amazed. It may have been one of the single best public addresses I have ever seen a politician make. McGreevey's annoncement was both shocking, but impressive in its truthfullness, his willingness to face his demons and admit to his mistakes, and the continuing strength of his convictions. Who wrote this? It was a tremendous speech, rivaling anything Clinton ever delivered.

As James Carville is discussing right now, there is something more coming and we don't know what it is. A lawsuit will be filed, though McGreevey has just defused all its ammunition to shock and disgrace his post.

I think what you saw was not just a coming out announcement, but the dawn of a new and vastly more political powerful McGreevey. My bet - look for him to secure a landslide election to the U.S. Senate as Frank Lautenberg's replacement.

BTW - to put my comments in some context, I am a pretty partisan right wing Republican.

We Have Florida!

Effective August 15th at 0001 AM, Virginia and Florida have reciprocity!

Now, if only we could get Georgia and Jersey I'd be in heaven.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Are You Ready For Some Football

Football time of the year is on us again, and with that, Sports Illustrated has released its Preseason Top 25 teams. One look at this list, of course, and its clear why the Southeastern Conference is both far and away the most competitive in the nation, the strongest in the nation, and why its teams are unfairly given too low a rank. Here's the top 15 with SEC teams in bold.

1. USC
2. Oklahoma
3. LSU
4. Georgia

5. Miami
6. Florida
7. Texas
8. Ohio State
9. Florida State
10 Kansas State
11. Tennessee
12. Michigan
13. Auburn
14. Missouri
15. Iowa

As you can clearly see, the SEC accounts for a whopping 40% of Top 5 teams, 30% of Top 10 teams, and 33% of Top 15 teams. As a result of the shear strength of schedule each of these teams must play (on top of the longstanding and bitter interschool rivalries) its just nearly impossible for one of them to make it through the season unscathed. Of course, as we all know, Phil Fullmer will either lead us to another stunning undefeated national championship or else embarrass us with his assinine reliance on the run while the team is down by 3 touchdowns late in the fourth quarter.

More On Virginia's Gun Laws

This letter ran in the Virginia Pilot out of Norfol Virginia yesterday (August 10, 2004). Since I got it off of Lexis, I don't have a link to the story. If you can find one, please let me know.

Thanks to Stephen Carrick for so clearly exposing the lies of another member of the Liberal Media.
Gun editorial misses the bull's-eye by a mile

Your anti-gun rhetoric and lies in Sunday's editorial "NRA hit bull's-eye with Va. lawmakers" are appalling. "Packing heat," "Billy the Kid" . . . could you be more cliche?

The reason gun owners carry openly in restaurants is because concealed carry in restaurants is illegal. They are merely abiding by state law.

Since Virginia has no bars, every establishment is effectively a restaurant. That means that while they may serve alcohol, they also serve food and some people are there just to eat.

You may find this hard to believe, but some of us can actually go to a restaurant and not get snockered or even consume alcohol.

Given that it is already illegal for any Virginian to be out in public with a BAC over .08, restaurants shouldn't have any drunk people in them at all. Thus I fail to see a problem with people carrying firearms in restaurants. Period.

Your use of the term "gun-show loophole" illustrates your strong anti-gun bias. There is no such thing. All gun dealers are required to conduct background checks, no matter where they sell the firearm.

Stephen Carrick
Virginia Beach
Good Job Stephen! Your welcome to shoot with me up here in NoVA anytime.

UPDATE: Saysuncle informs me that this letter was written by the blogsphere's own Ravnwood. Great Job. Thats another blog I've been meaning to add to my blogroll.

UPDATE x2:Stephen emails me to tell me he lives in Northern Virginia know. Lets go shooting!!


The Conservative Contrarian has a interesting post on how asinine the Kerry Energy Plan is, a subject I know a little bit about. Its nice to see people supporting drilling in the ANWAR, though its a bit disheartening that people are still confused on the issue. I thought I'd take this as an opportunity to elaborate a little on the subject.

We need ANWAR not for the oil, which isn't much, but for the access to natural gas, a major part of our nation's energy budget for which supplies have been dwindling and ANWAR actually provides a fair amount. Those dwindling supplies coupled with various environmental mandates forcing fuel switching (from coal to you guessed it, natural gas) are probably the main reason why electric prices have risen so much the last couple of years and the mid-western manufacturing economy has had such a hard time recovering.

There are really two simple solutions to much of the mid-western employment problems. We can delay implementation of many of the most aggressive Clean Air regulations (the health benefits of which are tenuous at best) and allow coal to remain as the primary source of electric generation or we can increase supplies of natural gas so that power plants have an affordable alternative to the use of coal. This is also the so many in DC have been fighting so hard for expansion of off shore drilling and construction of liquid natural gas (LND) receiving facilities (of which there are currently only 4 in the nation). We don't need more oil nearly as much as we need more natural gas - or are allowed to increase the use of coal.

Its easy for people to think our main energy use comes from driving cars, buts its really the production of electric needed to power our factories, run our computers, and air condition our homes.

Senate Democrats(and Northeastern Republicans) have successfully resisted each and every effort by the Republicans to solve the problem. For the Ds it puts the Republicans in a convenient catch 22. Dammed if you do (tone down Clean Air restrictions or allow drilling on public lands (ANWAR and elsewhere - the fight over ANWAR is simply the one they have used to frame the entire issue - its actually happening across the West and along the coasts), dammed if you don't (goodbye economy). Since most people don't understand (or have time to learn about) the complexities of the issue or the nation’s great thirst for natural gas, the Ds have been able to effectively confuse the issue for great political gain and preserved an opportunity to recapture the White House. The Northeaster Republicans - representing states that primarily get their power from Hydro (Hydro Quebec) Nuclear, and Oil with a small bit of Coal (emissions of which conveniently fall into the ocean, not their neighbor) see it as an opportunity to bolster the long depressed Northeastern Manufacturing base to the detriment of the mid-west.

Sadly, the Republican leadership simply doesn't have the balls to push for it and as a result have that much more difficult of a time leading an economic recovery.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Convention Protesters

Michelle Malkin has an interesting post on efforts by anarchists to disrupt the convention. I don't think this plan will work.
The Daily News reported on Black Bloc tactics being publicized on the Internet in advance of the GOP convention, including these:

"Go to a rifle, pistol or skeet shooting range, spend an hour shooting to saturate clothing with smell of gunpowder, go directly to a New Jersey Transit, LIRR or subway train headed for Penn Station.

"Try to have at least two people on a train in different locations, sit or stand near the doors as the train approaches the station, try to get near police and dogs, loiter as long as possible around the dog, try to pet it if possible.

I've spent a couple of hours blasting away at the NRA range before dropping my guns off and heading into work and/or meetings on the hill. Invariably, I've interacted with police bomb sniffing dogs and they've never been set off by it. Of course, I do wash my hands after leaving the range - but I don't usually wash my clothes. Oh, and more often than not, over the last year I have been using some especially smoky 40 S&W remanufactuered loads. A family friend gave me what seems like a lifetime supply (well, at least a couple of years supply, though I am finally starting to put a dent in the stockpile) of the stuff.

Blogging The Blues

Wouldn't you know it, one of D.C.'s premier bluesmen, Bobby Parker, is playing a free concert right now across the street from me in Farraguat Square and I forgot my camera. Bobby, for those who don't know him, plays like Eric Clapton, looks James Brown, and has played guitar for everyone from Buddy Holly to Bo Diddley, from Sam Cook to Jackie Wilson. He's been cited as an inlfuence by some of the biggest names in modern music - Spencer Davis, John Mayall, Robin Trower, Little Milton, Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Mick Fleetwood, and Carlos Santana who said
He's one of the few remaining guitarists on this planet who can pierce your heart and soothe your soul. He inspired me to play guitar."
If you are nearby and get a chance, check him out.

John "Sportsman My Ass" Kerry

I've been spending the last couple of days at work exxamining John Kerry's record on a number of issue important to our clients and comparing his past statments and votes to President Bush.

In the course of that research, I cam across this great John Kerry on the Issues page and its discussion on Guns. Among the highlights are these great nuggets:
Democratic Party shouldn't be for the NRA. (Nov 2003)
Supports assault weapons ban & Brady Bill. (Oct 2003)
Voted NO on banning lawsuits against gun manufacturers for gun violence. (Mar 2)
Voted YES on background checks at gun shows. (May 1999)
Voted NO on maintaining current law: guns sold without trigger locks. (Jul 1998)
Prevent unauthorized firearm use with "smart gun" technology. (Aug 2000)
You can make your own mind up about him.

UPDATE: Welcome Alphecca viewers!

UPDATE 2: There's more to the John "Sportsman My Ass" Story over here, inlcuding a request for assistance in digging up some dirt. Check it out.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Great Names In Blogging

No Oil For Pacifists is not just a great idea, its a great blog, especially as they archive the universe of Kerry's Christmas in Cambodia claims.

FN P90 Tactical

Just remembered that at the gun show last week, they had one of these beauties for folks to look at (but not touch).

It was still cool nonetheless.

Vietnam Veterans Against John Fonda Kerry

Before there were Swiftboat Veterans for Truth, there were Vietnam Veterans Against John Fonda Kerry.

Plame and Kerry

So, it turns out that the Press is going to have to disclose who leaked the Valerie Plame info. Wouldn't it be funny if it ended up being some Kerry operative???

I imagine that if it really was a Bush staffer these guys would have spilled the beans a long time ago.

Publica or Private

Soemtimes, a private school is just as bad as your average public school.
A chain of private California schools that taught immigrants there are 53 U.S. states and four branches of the U.S. government was ordered to stop handing out phony diplomas this week, state Attorney General Bill Lockyer said on Friday.

Students learned that Congress had two houses -- the Senate for Democrats and the House for Republicans; that the U.S. flag had not been updated to reflect the addition of Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico to the "original" 50 states; that the federal "administrative" branch oversees the Treasury Department (news - web sites); and that World War II occurred from 1938 to 1942.
Perhaps the most disturbing point of this article is that yahoo news feels its necessary to point out how this information is wrong.
There are 50 U.S. states, including Alaska and Hawaii, who are represented on the U.S. flag. Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, not a state. There is no "administrative" branch of the U.S. government. The three branches are judicial, executive and legislative. World War II was fought between 1939 and 1945, although the United States did not enter the war until 1941.
That must be for the sake of Yahoo's publicly educated readers.
Me, I'm just wondering when Bill Lockyer (or Elliot Spitzer or Richard Blumenthal) are going to close those public schools in their states that are guilty of similar or worse errors.

Who Am I?

I just took the 45 question test.

Hmm, I guess thats pretty darn accurate then. JFK - well, at least he's a better man than the present JFK.

And he did sleep with Marilyn Monroe!

Who Am I?

I took the 9 question test.

Another Thing I Don't Like About Liberals

"I don't put blankets over my daughter's head because it's uncomfortable for her. If I did, she'd scream and bother everybody," Charkoudian said. "And I think it's disgusting to ask anyone to eat in the bathroom."
Give me a break!

I think its disgusting to expose your swollen breast to an entire restaurant and wait for you kid to start chomping down.

If you buy into this strange breastfeeding cult the liberals around here have created, then do us all a favor and 1)don't take your kid out in public, or 2) pump your breast and give the kid a bottle. Heck, thats the way they are drinking all day long anyway as these liberal mommies (dare I suggest they are mostly commie mommies) are off at their high powered and self important jobs, leaving the task of child rearing to the nanny.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

D.C. Security, or the lack thereof

Drudge is reporting that Congressional leaders were briefed on a number of likely terror scenarios.
A surveillance report notes windows behind the six columns in front of the New York Stock Exchange building make it appear “a little fragile.” Operatives specifically discuss using “usual methods” such as a heavy gas truck or oil tanker to attack facilities.

Thats pretty frightening. But this picture is even more so. I took it Thursday. Thats a gas/oil truck, turning off 18th St, NW onto G Street. The building to my right is the IMF. If you remember, the IMF was subject to a pretty intensive security alert last week. I watched this truck drive up 18th and no where along the route was it stopped and examined.

Operatives noted it might be difficult to drive a truck or van into the Prudential’s underground parking garage. So they proposed acquiring a black limo, gutting all but the front seat and presumably filling the empty portion with explosives, TIME reports. They also discussed using an oil truck to ram through the front entrance.

In light of that, this next photo is pretty bad too.

Thats a parking garage across 18th Street, NW from the IMF. It was also taken on Thursday. Turns out, any inspection of vehicles, especially oil trucks the one pictured, or of black limousines, is going to take place underground. Know, do you want to guess what would occur if a vehicle blew up underground?

For what its worth, there are far, far more glaring security concerns and loopholes present in D.C. Everyday at work I go walking around town, and everyday I am shocked by what I encounter (or more precisely don't encounter). I'm not going to list any other problems here because I don't want to give the terrorists an idea. However, perhaps these two pictures are enough to shock Mayor Williams and his incompetent Police Chief Ramsey to actually take some of the terror threats seriously. Williams and Ramsey might not like the situation on Capitol Hill, but at least the Capitol Police are taking this way seriously.

Saturday, August 07, 2004


Jennifer Aniston is hot, though not as hot as Monica Belluci

The Mercury Is Rising
Or Is It?

South Knox Bubba continues to buy into the NRDC's latest fraud - that mercury from power plants is a health issue. Like so many other liberals, he and his readers continue to ignore the power of reality as they preach from the altar of environmental religon.

The latest salvo is an attack on the Knoxville News Sentinal for daring to provide industry an opportunity to express its views in an article on local Tennessee water quality.
The KNS is so far up TVA's ass they are tasting Brylcreem (with apologies to Junior Soprano). Cap-and-trade nonsense aside, you'd think the KNS would be more concerned about their local environment and its habitants who buy their newspaper.

Aside from the fact that for 14 years the environmentalist have been praising the effectiveness of Cap and Trade as an efficient means for reducing pollution, the left really doesn't seem to care about things like the truth as they continue to slander defame Bush and Republicans over their views on the environment.

I've commented on this a number of times at SKBs web page. As I commented recently at South Knox Bubba, here are some important things to remember the next time someone starts talking about mercury (and its going to be happening alot! this fall).

1. There is no authority (none, nada, zip) in the Clean Air Act to regulate mercury emissions in anything other than a cap and trade manner (and I don't think that isn't even allowed. Section 112n regulates emissions from Electric Utilities and under it, mercury must be regulated using an alternative control technology. Alternative control technology is not defined in the act. Rather, the only description comes from the legislative history were in multiple floor statement during the debate over the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments, it is referred to as anything not utilizing emission scrubbers)

2. Any data on health risks associated with mercury are unreliable since the reference dose the environmentalist's warnings are based upon comes from a flawed study (Faros Islands) that failed to control for the presence of adversly high levels of PCBs in the sample. The only reliable study so far, from the Seychelles Islands, was not used as the basis in setting the reference dose by EPA because in their view it didn't return the results they were hoping for (thats how EPA justified their decisions). It should also be pointed out that the WHO, ATSDR, and FDA all disagree with EPA on the reference dose issue and instead calculate health risks based upon a tolerance level over twice as high. I should also point out that mercury isn't the concern, rather its methylmercury.

3. Regulation of US power plants will have ZERO impact on mercury levels in domestic waterways because 1)the vast vast vast majority of mercury is naturally occuring (oceans, volocanos, and forest and other bio mass fires), 2) the vast vast vast majority of anthropogenic mercury floats into the U.S. from China, 3) US power plants emit a minute amount of mercury (total aggregate emissions of ALL power plants are about 49 tons, or only 800 gallons), 4) and the vast vast vast vast majority of US power plant mercury emissions don't fall domestically, but rather fall into the ocean. Its also worth noting that of the mercury that falls locally (the so called Hot Spot issue - the science is pretty sketchy on whether and at what rate these heavier mercury molecules actually methylize(sp) and whether they are indeed consumed by aquatic species).

There is another GIANT problem with efforts to regulate mercury as well (concerning the process that has occurred). Many of my readers are aware of what it is, others might not be. For a number of reasons, I am not going to get into it here, but expect to see the issue continue to play out in a more public manner this fall (and no, this isn't some Josh Marshall never to come to fruition prophecy).

Friday, August 06, 2004

Super Freak

Drudge is reporting that Rick James has passed away. His web page has no information up yet, and I can't find anything elsewhere.

If you've heard anything, let me know. These things sure do happen in groups though, don't they. I wonder who #3 will be?

John Kerry's Vietnamese Problem

Back in the United States, however, residents like Pauline Tran in Fairfax, Va. said that she would vote for Bush. Kerry, she said, was an anti-war activist and was part of the reason why South Vietnam was defeated. Others said they will vote for Bush to punish Kerry."

Ouch! If John Kerry was supposed to mend relations with foreignors, then the fact that the nation's Vietnamese population is opposes him by a 90-10 margin can't be good.

Well, for him at least.

Its going to be lots of fun watching how swift his boat sinks.

Kerry and 9/11

The Crease hits one out of the park today comparing John Kerry's recent criticism of President Bush's 9/11 performance to his own actions on that hallowed day. The result??
The second plane hit at 9:03, and the Pentagon was hit 40 minutes later. And by his own admission, Kerry & Co. sat for all that time, because "nobody could think." They sat there stunned...for 40 minutes. And this person, who "couldn't think," is criticizing President Bush for not doing anything?


I might be blogging for Bush, but that in now way means I approve of all Republicans.

This asshole, in particular, deserves a good shot to the balls.
Hart, 60, vows if elected to work toward keeping "less favored races" from reproducing or immigrating to the United States. In campaign literature, Hart contends that "poverty genes" threaten to turn the United States into "one big Detroit."
Maybe if we kick his nads hard enough HE WON'T be able to reproduce.

I've little use for him and hope the local Republican Party does the right thing and comes out in support of his opponent, Rep. John Tanner , a decent and honorable enough guy.

Another worthwhile blogger

Add the Heartless Libertarian to the list I put up earlier. He deserves some of your support.

Busker Bloggin

Seems like the new thing on the interne t is Cat Blogging.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, is doing it.

Luckily, some others have decided to fight back and have begun Bird Blogging.

Well, as we've stated before, we here at the Countertop Chronicles believe imitation is truly the sincerest forms of flattery, as well as one of the easiest opportunities to quickly advance the state of the art. Think Gregg Easterbrook's Tuesday Morning Quaterback to Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback.

Now with that introduction we present Busker Blogging, in which the Countertop Chronicles will present to you, our dear readers, downtown D.C.'s finest Buskers.

These guys are slugging it out to make a living in the very difficult music business, playing away all night in the local bars and clubs and setting up in the early morning or during the heat of the midday to entertain commuters and dinners. Its a tough gig.

I have been a fan of Mark Francis Nickens for some time. He plays the guitar like a piano - think Stanley Jordan and Eddie Van Halen (no link for him cause he's a putz, heck I'll just link to Diamond Dave instead) - with a soothing voice. A veteran of both the D.C. punk scence AND a former member of some D.C. Go-Go Bands, he has played at both Woodstock (the modern one) and for Hillary Clinton and Mayor Tony Williams. As he tells the story, he decided to Busk full time after going out one morning and earning $20 in an hour. You can usually catch him outside the Farraguat Square metros (West and North) in the mornings and scattered around town at other times during the week.

If you run across him, say hi and throw him a couple of bucks.

Buy his CD.

Support the arts!

Good Blogs

I was going to link to all these blogs, but I just haven't had the time. Check them out, they all have interesting and amusing things and hopefully, over my forthcoming summer vacation, I'll get a chance to redraft the site and put up a new and improved blog roll.

Thay are listed in no particular order.

Check them all out. Every day (or at least weekly). You won't be disappointed.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Hippies and Guns, The Sequel

Last week I linked to a post by John Perry Barlow where he indicated that he shot Grateful Dead guitarist and singer Cowbow Bobby Weir. In response to my plea for more information on this fascinating event, he posted the following (scroll down to comment # 27):
shot him early in the morning of June 21, 1977 - upon which day I would later be married. Actually, it would be more accurately said that he was nicked with ricocheted shrapnel from a .357 magnum round I'd blanged off into the floor in order to get his attention. I'd forgotten that the floor in that room was concrete... He sustained minor flesh wounds and was still able (and willing) to act as my best man later that day.

That is great all around. Nice Chuck Hawks approved choice of caliber (but surprisingly, He Who Shall Not Be Named isn't a fan), nice minor Kerryesque wound, a wonderful wedding (though it should be pointed out Barlow has since Divorced this women) and even with the fresh wound, Weir did the manly thing and still served as best man (rather than finding some doctor to sign off on a Purple Heart request and crylie about it for 30 years).

Scope Mounts

The other day I posted about the great deal Mounting Solutions Plus is running for blog owners. Instead of buying a bunch of blog ads, they have decided to reward bloggers who link to them with an Anti Cant Device - essentially a level - for use on your scope. They claim it dramatically improves accuracy.

Well, I linked to them on Sunday, they sent me a quick email of appreciation, and today my Anti Cant Device arrived in the mail. I haven't had time to either mount it (much less shoot with it) so I can't provide a review of it yet. However, I will say if they respond to paying customers as well as they do to non paying bloggers looking for free schwag, then they are set to truly succeed in business.

Check them out, their web site is pretty cool, the full color print catalogue has a ton of scope and firearm related accessories, and the anti cant device looks both well designed and well made.

I wanted to shoot my postal match this weekend but don't think I'll have the targets yet. After being unable to purchase any A-36s in Northern Virginia I ordered my targets from Pistoleer on Monday and requested priority shipping. They finally provided confirmation of their shipping today. Thats pretty terrible (especially compared to how Mounts Plus treated me as a non paying customer).

We will see when they show up. Whether they arrive this weekend or not though, I will test the Anti Cant Device out and give you a review. I owe Mounts Plus that courtesy after their tremendous efforts (though I will be as fair and unbiased in the review as I can, even though these guys start off smelling like roses).

Yup, He Really Is A Liberal

As if you had any doubts about Kerry's true charecter, the Washington Post is reporting that
John F. Kerry today said entertainer Bill Cosby's recent admonition that black Americans need to take greater personal responsibility for poor education and high crime was "excessively exclusive" and ignored the government's role in helping minorities.


Spoons is all over the Subway Boycott.

First, they go to Germany and insult all Americans and now they are making light of 9/11 (also to german audiences).

Its a problem because Subway is pretty good eating - and cheap too. But like the Southern Appeal says, Thank goodness for Quiznos. Truth be told though, I am not a Quizno's fan. However, we have a new Potbelly opening up around the corner. If you don't have one in your city, I'd suggest looking into franchise opportunities. Good Food, Good Music (live), and Cheap!!

Free As A Bird

Lacy Van Zant, father of members of the Southern rock bands Lynyrd Skynyrd and .38 Special, died Tuesday of pulmonary illness. He was 89."
Van Zant, known for his long beard, white hair and overalls, purchased music equipment, drove the bands to shows, lent them money and repaired their vehicles. Early versions of Lynyrd Skynyrd would practice at his home, which he later opened to fans so they could see the bands' gold and platinum records.

We here at the Countertop Chronicles will mourn this loss in our house, as my wife is as big a Lynyrd Skynyrd fan as you can find. Heck, the band is responsible for my marriage.

Of course, not everyone appreciates them.

Simple Man
Gary Rossington - Ronnie Van Zant

Mama told me when I was young
Come sit beside me, my only son
And listen closely to what I say.
And if you do this
It will help you some sunny day.
Take your time... Don't live too fast,
Troubles will come and they will pass.
Go find a woman and you'll find love,
And don't forget son,
There is someone up above.

And be a simple kind of man.
Be something you love and understand.
Be a simple kind of man.
Won't you do this for me son,
If you can?

Forget your lust for the rich man's gold
All that you need is in your soul,
And you can do this if you try.
All that I want for you my son,
Is to be satisfied.


Boy, don't you worry... you'll find yourself.
Follow you heart and nothing else.
And you can do this if you try.
All I want for you my son,
Is to be satisfied.


R.I.P Lacy

Lottery Guns

He Who Shall Not Be Named has the results of his lottery gun survey up. Check it out. My choices were:

Check out his results. They are quite interesting. It seems far more people chose to purchase "modern" firearms than what I consider collectible treasures. If someone gives me $10,000 I want to invest it in the best way possible. I think historical pieces are for more interesting, and in the long term, valuable, than modern firearms. Not to mention that I can't really afford them yet at this point in my life. But thats just me. As he so eloquently makes clear
Some people used up the entire $10,000 on a couple of expensive pieces, while others plumped for volume over quality, and managed to get about twenty cheap rifles out of the deal. I make no comment -- we are not Democrats, and we do not tell other people how to spend their money.

He's got another poll coming up soon that will focus on handguns. I've never been as interested in collectible handguns, but I have to tell you, after seeing some of the beautiful pieces of artwork at the gun show this weekend, I might have to reconsider.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Wictory Wednesday

The Supreme Court.

That is what it is all about. Don't lose sight from the prize.

In the last few weeks I have been shocked by the number of self rightous assholes who, while possessing the appropriate world view, continue to seriously criticize president Bush for not be conservative enough, libertarian enough, or most foolishly, strong on firearms enough.

This is hogwash people. Get your head out of the sand. Bush NEEDS to win. He NEEDS to win for the sake of the rights we hold near and dear. Upset about the 4th amendment and the Patriot Act? Ask yourself what Kerry would have done and whether he voted to pass it. Upset about Gay Marriages? Ask yourself what the Taliban would do to gays, because they WILL be here if Kerry's in the White House. Upset about Bush's support of the current Assault Weapons Ban (even though it expires next month), ask yourself what would happen if Kerry wins and Sarah Brady and DiFi become the nations arbiters on acceptable guns. Upset about whatever other minor trivial issue is up your ass? Ask yourself how it will be impacted after Howard Dean, Mario Como, and Barbara F'ing Streisand are giving lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court.

Thats what were facing people. A Choice - between freedom and complete and total oppression at the hands of these socialist hatemongers. Ronald Reagan famously defeated the Soviets during the cold war. Don't insult his efforts by allowing them to sneak in and control out country through the back door.

Today is Wictory Wednesday and you can help celebrate it by volunteering and/or donating to the Bush campaign if you haven't done so already. And if you have volunteered and donated, then get a friend to join you. It's the only way to defeat Waffles and Grits and stand a chance at preserving the freedom and hope this nation has promised for so many over the years.

If you're a blogger, you can join Wictory Wednesday simply by putting up a post like this every Wednesday, asking your readers to volunteer and/or donate to the president's re-election campaign.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

A Most Excellent Day

The load was:

  • Egyptian AK (120 rounds or so)

  • Bushmaster AR-15 (160 rounds or so)

  • CZ-75B in 9mm (250 rounds)

  • Walther P22 (100 rounds)

  • Glock 23C and CZ RAMI (300 rounds of .40S&W for them)
and it was only going to be a day about shooting for him. But one thing led to another and Justin Buist found himself initiating another member into the fabulous Nation of Riflemen.

Way To Go Justin!

Clinton's Legacy

Yahoo is reporting that North Korea has developed a new missle system that can threaten western U.S. cities.
In an article due to appear Wednesday, Jane's said the two new systems appeared to be based on a decommissioned Soviet submarine-launched ballistic missile, the R-27.

It said communist North Korea had acquired the know-how during the 1990s from Russian missile specialists and by buying 12 former Soviet submarines which had been sold for scrap metal but retained key elements of their missile launch systems.
Hmm, I thought Clinton and Madeline Albright were supposed to have reached a deal with these scum to stop this kind of thing. I guess they should never have trusted them. Too bad Slick Willie was too into his Little Willie for 8 years. If he had been paying a bit more attention, maybe 9/11 wouldn't have occurred and North Korea would no longer be a member of the Axis of Evil. Of course, its not all Willie Boy's fault. I was rummaging through old papers the other night as I cleaned up my home office and came across a paper on North Korean Nukes that I prepared in the early 90s for a foreign policy class in college. It was written in the wanning days of the first Bush Administration and was pretty critical of them, and Ronal Reagan, for allowing the North Korean threat to grow unchecked. Of course, the Cold War was still in everyones thoughts, so my anger was directed more at their continued insistance that North Korea didn't have Nukes, even though it was plainly obvious by at least 1988 or so that they did. Clinton continued with this fallacy and in fact made it worse by completely losing sight of the ball and allowing the Chinese Army to buy its way into his administration.

If I get around to retyping it (or at least scanning it - it was written on a PC running a DOS based word processor) I'll post it here.

Regular Guys, Regular Girls

Jack Dunphy has a good piece on why police and firefighters will be supporting Bush over Kerry this year, regardless of what their unions claim. It basically comes down to the "regular guy" status of the candidates. In particular, and in addition to a host of other problems, he has issues with Teresa Ketchup
Old-fashioned notions of chivalry prevent me from offering my full opinion on her here, but Regular Guys do not under any circumstances marry women like Teresa Heinz Kerry.
Can't agree more. I've known my fair share of women like Teresa Ketchup. I rejected them all and fell in love with my wife when she told me Lynyrd Skynyrd was her favorite band and that Neil Young can go F*&$ himself!! Can't imagine Teresa Ketchup feeling that way.

Gun Free, Crime Ridden, D.C.

Well, Chief Ramsey didn't respond to my question, but he did raise the subject of crime fighting and D.C.'s levels of crime in his discussion, confirming my belief that the question was not "off topic."
Charles H. Ramsey: Thank you for your questions. I encourage all DC residents to show their solidarity against crime this evening by participating in National Night Out. Crime prevention activities are taking place across the District. You can get details on our website at

Gun Free Urban War Zones

D.C. Police Chief Charles Ramsey is doing a live interactive session on the Washington Post web page. He is supposed to be speaking about security measures around D.C., and much of the focus seems to be citizens scared by the sight of police carrying automatic weapons (see my previous post for the Metro Cop and his MP5).

Not wanting to miss the chance to nail the Chief on D.C.'s horrendous gun laws, I asked the following:
Chief Ramsey,

Since 9/11, levels of gun ownership around the country have skyrocketed. While many claimed that these extra guns would lead to higher rates of murder and mayhem, in fact the opposite has happened. As John Lott has repeatedly pointed out, those states with more liberal gun laws have seen dramatic decreases in crime rates, while those states that decided to adopt more restrictive laws, such as D.C., have seen NOTHING BUT murder and mayhem. Those parallels are most striking when comparing crime free and gun friendly Virginia to Washington, D.C. and Maryland, the two least gun friendly states in the nation, both of which are largely urban war zones.

Since the D.C. gun ban has done nothing to stop crime, and in fact the rise in D.C.'s homicide rate corresponds precisely to its implementation, isn't it time for D.C. to reconsider its foolish policy and recognize the constitution?
I don't expect him to respond.

MP5in on the Metro

Uuuh, how come I didn't see this guy on my train this morning?

Monday, August 02, 2004

Those Commie Loving Dems

Yep, turns out Democrats do love communists (or at least date them).
"I've raised a lot of money for the Democrats," Toni told us. "There has to be some payback for the [expletive] you have to put up with." Then she realized: "Wait, I guess you can't print [expletive]."

Soon conversation turned to her old friend Teresa Heinz Kerry. "Teresa and I roomed next to each other in a pensione in Geneva in 1962," Toni Goodale said. "I was on the Smith College junior year abroad program." Teresa, she recalled, was working as a translator at the United Nations. "I was dating a communist and she was dating Johnny Heinz."
Why is it not surprising that this Commie dater ended up marrying the lawyer for the New York Times and still considers herself a Heinz Kerry insider?

Virginia Is For Handguns

Or so says NY Times Op-Ed ContributorWilliam Falk in his roundup of major stories that recieved scant attention while the press focused on Kerry and Hamsters (images of Richard Gere come flashing by)
A group of gun owners in suburban Fairfax County have been showing up in public openly wearing handguns on their hips. State law permits people to carry weapons without a permit if they're openly displayed, and members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League have decided to make a statement about the right to bear arms. Jim Snyder told The Washington Post that his Colt .45 shouldn't frighten any law-abiding citizen. "I'm definitely not a wannabe Rambo," Mr. Snyder said. "This is a tool of last resort."
I'm a VCDL member, are you?