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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Light Postings

Today's going to be a light posting day - at least till the afternoon. I was playing guitary last night for my son (who was jumping up and down and dancing on our bed) when he slipped and fell off hitting his head on a big old brass alarm clock.

He shattered its face and put a giant gash in the back of his head so I ended up spending a good part of the evening at the hospital where the little trooper received his first four (of what will undoutably be many) stitches. He didn't even fight them.

Anyway, I got back late last night and have some work to finish that I couldn't complete then. I do have some things to say today though, about the Washington Post Data Quality Act article which Howard Kurtz discusses as well as the passing of Phish.

I'll see you later this afternoon.


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