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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Flakes For Kerry

Apparantly, its All in the Family, and I don't mean just Mrs. Ketchup. Turns out her oldest, and least public, son is a flake too.
Heinz Kerry's eldest son lives with his physician wife, Kristann, on a wooded 163-acre farm near Philadelphia, refusing all inquiries about Kerry's campaign, the Heinz foundation or his own work and ambitions.

He operates a small Buddhist high school for troubled teens nearby, and makes reproduction ironwork in a studio on his secluded property, land he has conserved so it can never be developed.

. . . .

"We're just a little community school and obviously it doesn't do us any favors if people find out about it," said Peter Ryan, who with Heinz co-founded Tinicum Art and Science, a Buddhist alternative school, in Bucks County about five years ago.

Several districts send students to the school, which mixes a classic liberal arts curriculum with Zen precepts on "mindfulness" or self-awareness and electives ranging from martial arts to yoga to metalwork.
Buddhists in the White House.
How very gerbilish. I wonder if the Heinz Kerry ideal of a Buddhist Alternative school is modeled on the one John Bin Lindh attended?


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