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Thursday, August 12, 2004


As I am sure you've heard, Jim McGreevey is out of the closet and out of the governors mansion. Sadly, it won't be enough to save New Jersey. I think she may be lost for good.

Here is my comment on the buzz machine (I'll write more later)
Amazing is correct. From my vantage point in a conservatie office across from the White House myself and all my office mates are pretty amazed. It may have been one of the single best public addresses I have ever seen a politician make. McGreevey's annoncement was both shocking, but impressive in its truthfullness, his willingness to face his demons and admit to his mistakes, and the continuing strength of his convictions. Who wrote this? It was a tremendous speech, rivaling anything Clinton ever delivered.

As James Carville is discussing right now, there is something more coming and we don't know what it is. A lawsuit will be filed, though McGreevey has just defused all its ammunition to shock and disgrace his post.

I think what you saw was not just a coming out announcement, but the dawn of a new and vastly more political powerful McGreevey. My bet - look for him to secure a landslide election to the U.S. Senate as Frank Lautenberg's replacement.

BTW - to put my comments in some context, I am a pretty partisan right wing Republican.


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