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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Are You Ready For Some Football

Football time of the year is on us again, and with that, Sports Illustrated has released its Preseason Top 25 teams. One look at this list, of course, and its clear why the Southeastern Conference is both far and away the most competitive in the nation, the strongest in the nation, and why its teams are unfairly given too low a rank. Here's the top 15 with SEC teams in bold.

1. USC
2. Oklahoma
3. LSU
4. Georgia

5. Miami
6. Florida
7. Texas
8. Ohio State
9. Florida State
10 Kansas State
11. Tennessee
12. Michigan
13. Auburn
14. Missouri
15. Iowa

As you can clearly see, the SEC accounts for a whopping 40% of Top 5 teams, 30% of Top 10 teams, and 33% of Top 15 teams. As a result of the shear strength of schedule each of these teams must play (on top of the longstanding and bitter interschool rivalries) its just nearly impossible for one of them to make it through the season unscathed. Of course, as we all know, Phil Fullmer will either lead us to another stunning undefeated national championship or else embarrass us with his assinine reliance on the run while the team is down by 3 touchdowns late in the fourth quarter.


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