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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Scope Mounts

The other day I posted about the great deal Mounting Solutions Plus is running for blog owners. Instead of buying a bunch of blog ads, they have decided to reward bloggers who link to them with an Anti Cant Device - essentially a level - for use on your scope. They claim it dramatically improves accuracy.

Well, I linked to them on Sunday, they sent me a quick email of appreciation, and today my Anti Cant Device arrived in the mail. I haven't had time to either mount it (much less shoot with it) so I can't provide a review of it yet. However, I will say if they respond to paying customers as well as they do to non paying bloggers looking for free schwag, then they are set to truly succeed in business.

Check them out, their web site is pretty cool, the full color print catalogue has a ton of scope and firearm related accessories, and the anti cant device looks both well designed and well made.

I wanted to shoot my postal match this weekend but don't think I'll have the targets yet. After being unable to purchase any A-36s in Northern Virginia I ordered my targets from Pistoleer on Monday and requested priority shipping. They finally provided confirmation of their shipping today. Thats pretty terrible (especially compared to how Mounts Plus treated me as a non paying customer).

We will see when they show up. Whether they arrive this weekend or not though, I will test the Anti Cant Device out and give you a review. I owe Mounts Plus that courtesy after their tremendous efforts (though I will be as fair and unbiased in the review as I can, even though these guys start off smelling like roses).


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