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Monday, August 02, 2004

Virginia Is For Handguns

Or so says NY Times Op-Ed ContributorWilliam Falk in his roundup of major stories that recieved scant attention while the press focused on Kerry and Hamsters (images of Richard Gere come flashing by)
A group of gun owners in suburban Fairfax County have been showing up in public openly wearing handguns on their hips. State law permits people to carry weapons without a permit if they're openly displayed, and members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League have decided to make a statement about the right to bear arms. Jim Snyder told The Washington Post that his Colt .45 shouldn't frighten any law-abiding citizen. "I'm definitely not a wannabe Rambo," Mr. Snyder said. "This is a tool of last resort."
I'm a VCDL member, are you?


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