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Friday, July 30, 2004

Breaking CCW News Alert

Straight from the VCDL newswire

"Breaking news! I have just been told by one of my official contacts
that Ohio and Virginia WILL have reciprocity effective August 1st!

If you are headed up to OH on or after the 1st, be sure to check the
VASP and OHAG web sites below to confirm reciprocal arrangements:

Ohio Attorney General's CHP page:

Virginia State Police reciprocity page:

I expect that Florida reciprocity will be announced in the near
future. Kentucky should happen as well.

As always, I will advise on other states as I learn of them. There
are a bunch of states that should qualify under the new VA
reciprocity laws."
Does reciprocity with Florida mean I automatically pick up all of Florida's reciprocity agreements as well?


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