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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

A Moderate Party My Ass

Straight from the mouth of the spawn of Satan:
LO: You're known as a bona fide liberal in the halls of power, in the halls of Congress. What kind of struggles and obstacles do you have to go through every day to get your causes, our issues, advanced?

JS: None right now. I've never seen such a united Democratic Party.

You look at people who have the podium. As a liberal, did I have a problem yesterday?

Just in terms of members of Congress: Tammy Baldwin and Stephanie Tubbs Jones were up there making speeches.

Any progressive I think would have been proud with what they heard yesterday…

…so as a person on the left of the party, or as the late Paul Wellstone would say, the "Democratic wing of the Democratic Party," I feel very, very comfortable right now.
A centrist party my ass.


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