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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Buck FAMA!!!

I hate fucking 'Bama
As you may have read, officials were concerned about Fulmer's safety at the event in Birmingham, Ala. Most other conferences' media days take place in virtual anonymity, but the SEC being the SEC and its followers being, well, a tad bit nutso, fans often stake out the lobby of the hotel for a potential glimpse of the coaches and players. There was concern about what might happen if an angry 'Bama fan found a way to come in contact with Fulmer -- not to mention vengeful lawyers handing out subpoenas.

What a fascinating scene it would have been had Fulmer attended. In case you're unaware, Fulmer has been considered persona non grata in Alabama ever since it was revealed he assisted the NCAA in the investigation that ended in major sanctions for the Crimson Tide. You see, in Southern football culture, cheating is nowhere near as deplorable as ratting someone out.
God, I hate 'Bama.


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