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Monday, July 26, 2004


Its a New York Times Pro Gun Two-fer today.

First, we get the earlier letter on open carry.

Then we get this great article on counterfitting.

Only this time, the items being counterfitted are Kalashnikovs and the Times takes a very pro Russian stand.
The automatic Kalashnikov, made in a factory here, is in many ways Moscow's Ford. It is a quintessential national product: extraordinarily successful, widespread, a name closely connected to the identity of a state.

It was designed by Mr. Kalashnikov, a former Russian tank sergeant, in classified Soviet weapons trials shortly after World War II, and was promptly embraced by Soviet soldiers for its simplicity and reliability under almost any condition. It is regarded as a weapon that rarely, if ever, fails.
The Times also provides touching pictures of Mikhail Kalashnikov himself, and this one of a young child and his sister fondly examining and appreciating Mr. Kalashnikov's timeless design at a Russian gun show.

It of course begs the question, that if I should not be purchasing a Romanian made Kalashnikov . . . is the Time's now in favor of importing Russian made Kalashnikov's???

I'd certainly trade in my SAR for one.


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