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Monday, July 26, 2004

Convention Blogging . . . from DC

Three quotes and the reason why Jonah Goldberg is the creme de la creme of political pundits.
b>1.Anyway, on the ride to the subway station, I chatted up the shuttle driver, a very nice retired Boston cop. After talking about his sons and whatnot, I asked him what he thought of John Kerry. "Not much," came the reply. "That's what I like to hear!" your unbiased reporter responded.

<2.Anyway, I met one of my best friends. He's a lobbyist, but I won't blow his cover. I met him at the bar of the Eliot Hotel, where he's staying. The Eliot is a very nice hotel. It seems the Democrats like lobbyists a lot more than they like National Review. Alas, this is probably true of the Republicans as well. We had some drinks. My friend showed me on the Boston map where we were. He then showed me where The Ramada Inn would be if the map were as big as a king-size fitted sheet

3.Because my friend is a lobbyist, he was invited to the Blue Dog Democrats' big party at the Roxy. . . . . . Every now and then I said something along the lines of, "This shrimp is very good. Thank goodness the Democrats have fought for a Health-Care Bill of Rights. Because of them I can eat this shrimp without fear of choking and ending up in the hospital with medical bills I cannot afford."


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