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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

A Big Fat Lecherous Drunk

If you haven't checked out Matt Welch's excellent convention coverage at Hit and Run you should. Discussing Teddy Kennedy, he had this to say
So, too, is the confusion of normal campaign politics with profound revolutionary bravery. Here's Ted Kennedy tonight, right after he invoked the Boston Tea Party and the American Revolution (but before he compared John Kerry to John Adams):
For today, like the brave and visionary men and women before us, we are determined to change our government.

Ben Franklin may have been a big fat lecherous drunk from the Eastern Seaboard, Ted, but that's about where the similarity ends.

And about Howard Dean's speech
[T]he vision of a disabled woman handing over her last quarters to another moneybags politico who dreams of taking more of the stuff by force strikes me as, at minimum, nausea-inducing.



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