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Monday, August 02, 2004

Those Commie Loving Dems

Yep, turns out Democrats do love communists (or at least date them).
"I've raised a lot of money for the Democrats," Toni told us. "There has to be some payback for the [expletive] you have to put up with." Then she realized: "Wait, I guess you can't print [expletive]."

Soon conversation turned to her old friend Teresa Heinz Kerry. "Teresa and I roomed next to each other in a pensione in Geneva in 1962," Toni Goodale said. "I was on the Smith College junior year abroad program." Teresa, she recalled, was working as a translator at the United Nations. "I was dating a communist and she was dating Johnny Heinz."
Why is it not surprising that this Commie dater ended up marrying the lawyer for the New York Times and still considers herself a Heinz Kerry insider?


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