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Thursday, March 31, 2005

To kill or maybe not

Is it me, or is there something just a bit disjointed about Terry Schiavo's government mandated "mercy killing" on the same day a military court convicts Roger Maynulet for committing the time honored practice of battlefield mercy killing?

The Proverbial Shark

I'm just wondering, that's all, if blogging has indeed jumped the proverbial shark? Was it Terry Schiavo? Dan Rather (or rather the constant and relentless search for mistakes in MSM coverage, no matter how irrelevant) Blog Ads (Is money really the root of all evil)?????

I don't know.

What I do know though is that with all the added media attention - check out any of Howard Kurtz's columns - bloggers are now become nothing more than online version of the shallow-without-original-ideas-talking-point-reading-know(no?)-nothing-cable news-talking-head-personalities that so many of us started blogging to avoid. It seems like nothing more than an echo chamber of tired and boring ideas (regardless of whether your on the right or left).

Its rather depressing . . . . and while I don't think it will mark the end of my blog (not that anyone cares) I am just depressed about the nature and health of the whole enterprise and where it stands today.

What blogging needs is some fresh juice, some fresh ideas. I don't know what it will be or where it will be coming from, but right now, this all seems so last year.

I wonder if Steve Den Beste will ever come out of retirement? At least we still have The Gun Guy to keep us on our toes (and tick people off in new and original ways).

Now that I got that off my chest, I think I might actually go and get some work done today.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Politics over Principle

Showing once again they are more concerned with their own election than the health of Americans, the attorney generals of nine states (New Jersey, New Hampshire, California, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Mexico, New York and Vermont) sued EPA over the Bush Administration's historic decision to finally regulate emissions of mercury from coal fired power plants after the Clinton Administration spent 8 years ignoring the issue.

The result of this lawsuit, of course, will be to delay for years the effective implementation of this rule - putting at risk (if you are so inclined to believe the bogus science underlying this rule - which I do not) the neaurological development of an entire generation.

A New (For Me) Gun Blog

Just discovered Smoke My Gun while perusing some comments at the Heartless Libertarian's place.

Its great. Check 'em out. This handy and helpful home defense post, in particular, is going to earn Smoke My Gun a spot on my blog roll.

Priest Is Back

I knew they had a great new album - Angel of Retribution - out (perhaps thats the wrong word to use). I didn't know the new album debuted in the top 15 on the Billboard charts.


The Washington Post has more and even discusses Billy Idol's comeback as well.

Buy A Gun To Piss Of Chuck Schumer Day

Well, I spoke with the accountant today and it looks like I am gonna be getting a whole lot more money back than I planned on. While that makes me jump for joy - I need it to pay some bills, it also pisses me off that the Government took it in the first place - If I had it earlier, then maybe these bills would have been paid on time.

Anyway, Im going to have about $500 to spend on a gun. Now, the question is . . . . what do I get.

The CMP has Service Grade Garands available for $500. Very tempting. Don't have a Garand yet and really would like to get one before they are all sold out. But, should I get one of these, or spend a couple of hundred more on something in better condition? Any advice is appreciated.

Are there any good AR15s I can consider? Or maybe a used AR15?? Again, advice is much appreciated.

The other item I was thinking of was perhaps picking up some surplus rifles - I still want a Swiss K31 and one of those Yugo SKSs (with grenade launcher). I could probably buy one of them as well as a used wheel gun for $500. Thats tempting too.

Of course, for a few hours today, I was considering blowing the entire refund on one of these beauties.

My wife quickly knocked some sense into me. Seriously, where would I be able to shoot it - she knew that would just drive me to buy thousands of acres of land in the middle of nowhere - some place she would rather not be.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Jay G's 5 Questions

Jay G, the Yankee at North Georgia Dogman has graciously agreed to answer 5 questions from me. These should have been posted earlier, but Blogger sucks and wouldn't let me post them till now. If it wasn't for Blogger sucking so hard (I really do need a new blogsite), these would have been up days ago. Alas, they finally are here, now.

  • The letter R. What is it about this funny letter stuck between Q and S and why do folks from Taxachussets have such a hard time with it?

  • Smith College and Mount Holyoke are two of the predominant man hating lesbian/chick schools in America and both are located in Central Massachusetts. If you were forced to strip down and walk naked across one of their campus's, which one would you choose and why? Also, are the liberal man hating feminists any better - or worse - at U Mass, the taxpayer funded cesspool of disgraced and disgusting liberal ideologues just down the road from them, in Amherst?

  • What gun that you own – which is legal to own in Massachusetts – would most scare your neighbors if they found out about it? What gun that you currently can't own in Massachusetts, will be the first you purchase upon leaving the state?

  • John Kerry – What do the good folks of Taxachusetts really think about him? How does that compare to their opinions of Chappaquiddick Ted?

  • I always found it rather amusing that the Taxachusetts Tax Authorities not only parked State Police car's in the parking lot of NH State Liquor Stores, but that Taxachusetts then required Massholes to have to report and pay the taxes they avoided by shopping out of state. All that coming from the state that at one time brought us the Boston Tea Party. Anyway, do the fools in Taxachusetts still require this and if so, have you ever done this and how many of your neighbors do this? Is this the most ridiculous tax burden in a state of dumb tax burdens? If not, what is?

Thanks Jay!!!

Monday, March 28, 2005

5 More Questions

Last week, Steve from Ravenwood's Universe has kindly agreed to answer 5 of my dumb Meme questions. Well, I got a bit behind, and he apparantly fell a bit under the weather, so nothing really was lost. Here are his.
  • Though you now live in Northern Virginia, I take it you are originally from the Virginia Beach/Newport Beach Area. How restrictive did it feel to grow up in the belly of Marion "Pat" RObertson's Christian Right empire and considering how conservative that area should be, why does it still remain as anti gun (if not more opposed to concealed carry) as the worst areas of Northern Virginia?

  • We know you like Mustangs. Which gun in your impressive arsenal would you classify as the most "Mustang Like" and which would you call the most "Yugo like"? Do you have any biases against precision European sports cars that might also apply to precision European weapons? If so, what guns in particular are you thinking of?

  • MAC or PC or Linux? Why? You can also elaborate on why Bill Gates ought to be kissing Steve Jobs ass too, if your so inclined.

  • You do a fair bit of jnuk science exposing on your site. What do you believe to be the biggest liberal hoax of the last few years, and what do you predict will replace it once that gig is up?

  • Just how drunk where you for the Steelers game? Have you ever achieved that level of intoxication since? Ever do anything else to tick your mom off as much as that?

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Touche, you Commie Mommie Bitch!

As some of you may know, I grew up near here. Well, today, He Who Shall Not be Named links to this story in the local paper – the Daily Record – about the Commie Mommie of a John Hill School 5th Grader

BOONTON—The mother of a fifth-grader at John Hill School said she will not return a book about firearms that her son checked out of the school library because she feels it is inappropriate and possibly dangerous.

Robin Barroso said that two weeks ago her son, Kyle, brought home “Guns of the World: The Complete Collectors and Traders Guide,” a book she said includes information on how much various firearms cost, what kind of ammunition is used, their range of firing, and also information on machetes.
The book, which she said was published by Petersen Publishing, was copyrighted in 1977.

“It is definitely not meant for children,” Barroso said. “With everything going on in the world this is the last thing my 10-year-old needs to look up.”

Geez, its enough to make me leave the state – if I hadn’t already done that 15 years ago. (Cheers of Joy!!!!)

Things are bad there folks, very bad. Luckily though, I am on the case and my brother is contacting the school today and later this week we will be presenting them with a large donation of items – including an up to date copy of the Guns of the World as well as a subscription to American Rifleman.

Its important the students receive and have access to these materials, because as much as the liberal MSW and the rabid pro-terrorist-anti-constitutionalist Commie Mommies and other gun banning ilk want to change human nature, it just isn’t going to happen. As much as the liberals cry about weapons – whether it be in the hands of police or simply their existence at all – humans nevertheless understand and appreciate firepower and are simply attracted to it for all the reasons humanity has been attracted to powerful weapons for millennia.

Take for examples, these quotes from yesterday’s wonderful Washington Post article on D.C.’s latest tourist sights. It starts off innocuously enough.

The eighth-graders from Indiana bounded off the bus at the U.S. Capitol, where they stood attentively on the lawn as their tour guide pointed out the 9-million-pound dome and where the president stood at the inauguration.
Then they spotted their scrapbook moment: two U.S. Capitol Police officers walking toward them, assault rifles strapped to their chests.

"Can I take a picture of your gun?" a student shouted. The officer smiled and stopped to ask where they were from and about their trip. But the students were far more engrossed in their own questions -- "What kind of gun is it?" one asked. "You ever use the gun?" asked another before the officer wished them well and strolled away.

Then, after the obligatory whinning of pansy ass liberal about how SCARY guns are, the big stuff comes out.

Not everyone is troubled. After their stop at the Capitol, the Indiana eighth-graders boarded their bus for the short trip to the White House, where their tour guide, Ruth Croan, said as they pulled up, "We have to look up at the roof to see if there are any sharpshooters."

Those reminders of security help educate the students, said the youngsters' principal, Mike Robinson, who was on the trip. "These kids need to see what life is like," Robinson said. "It tells you that times have changed."

My son can attend Mike Robinson’s school any day.

The students still managed to find plenty to interest them, including a motorcade, which they were told was the king of Jordan's, leaving the Capitol. They also saw one of those police officers with the automatic rifle, standing guard on the steps.

"Hey, dude!" shouted James Warthmann, 14, wearing a camouflage-style baseball cap, his enthusiasm no less diminished when the officer did not respond.

"The weapons are kind of cool," the teenager said as he waited to board the tour bus. "It's like being at West Point."

Suddenly, my fear for the future is somewhat reduced. I’ve got to believe something like this is gonna make Kim start to do those naked happy dances out front again!

Saturday, March 26, 2005


Glenn Reynolds is still talking about shaving. For what its worth, I prefer the old fashion Shick Injectors which you can still purchase here.

WELCOME INSTAREADERS!!! I do highly recommend the Shick injectors - I still haven't found a smoother or longer lasting choice - though make sure you buy Shick Blades, whenever I have run out and purchased the CVS labeled injector blades my face has gotten pretty cut up.

While your here, feel free to look around

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Senate Making Move On Gun Liability

Congress Daily (PM) (subscription required) is reporting the following this afternoon
Although no formal decision has been made on what will follow the supplemental (that would be Bush's FY 2005 Supplemental Spending Request) on the Senate floor, aides said Thursday they expect Frist to bring the gun bill back to the chamber. Despite strong opposition from much of the Democratic Caucus and some moderate Republicans, Frist appears to be within striking distance of moving the gun bill. Nevertheless, Democrats can be expected to make a major push to include in it a renewal of the lapsed assault weapons ban -- a provision that helped kill the gun bill in the last session.

This will be a very interesting fight. I expect to see it arising before the end of April. . . . . .maybe even just in time for BAG Day!!

Cowboy Blob's 5 Questions

Here they are.

1. This first one is a multipart one. You claim to be Cowboy Bob, but yet there have been many before you. These include real horse riding dudes, trick roper rodeo dudes, aspiring country music stars, rodeo riding wrasslers, and of course, the aforementioned Cowboy Bob Weir.

Is Cowboy Bob your SASS registered name? If not, what is? How do you compare to each of these other Cowboy Bob's and do you possess any of the skills they have, at anything close to their level of skill? If you can't sing a Cowboy song as good as Bob Weir, can you play a cowboy song on an instrument? If so, which one (instrument) and what is your favorite cowboy song (Dead and otherwise)? After considering the competition, are you still certain your the biggest and best and legitimate claimant to the Title Cowboy Bob??

2. Ferrets, explain them. Do they ever smell good? How many do you have? What are their (its) names? How long do they live for? Are they carnivores? omnivores? vegetarians?

3. You say there is little you can't fix with $700 and a thirty ought six. What exactly have you fixed with $700 and a thirty ought six and is there anything you don't think that combination will fix?

4. You were in the military at some point. When and in what branch of the service? What did you do and did you blow things up? What was the biggest thing you ever blew up?

5. Arizona. . . . .about as bad-ass-pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps-freedom-rules-cowboy-kind-of-state as you can find. Please explain John McCain? What has happened to him and how have the good folks in Arizona reacted? I think his head exploded and his mind disappeared after his stellar run in the 2000 primary. Is that correct, or has he always been a liberal loony? Any chance of the citizenry rising up on removing him from office? And can we really ever trust any elected official from a state that is sometimes an hour ahead and sometimes an hour behind, but for some reason insists on messing with everyone's clocks? What is the reason for the weird time thing going on in Arizona and how does it impact your TiVo scheduling?

Thanks for playing Cowboy Bob - and while its actually slightly more than 5 questions, they are all at least somewhat related. If anyone else out there wants to give it a try, let me know. I still have a few more of these I am obligated to do.

The 5 Question Meme and our Song Lyric For The Day

Well, Says Uncle posted my 5 question's the other day and i responded to them yesterday morning. Now, of course, its my turn to unleash the 5 Questions Meme on the blogsphere and first up is Cowboy Bob, who so graciously volunteered to be the first guinea pig.

But first, our obligatory song lyric, something I used to post here all the time. As some of you might have guessed by know, I've always been a bit of a Dead head and while most don't seem to be particular fans of the Bob Weir stuff, I have always relished the first set appearances of Cowboy Bob amongst his other great tunes. Now, while most will accuse the Dead of being a bunch of peace loving hippies (they are, sort of), their fondness for firearms makes them a perfectly acceptable band around here. In fact, Bob Weir actually survived being hit by the bullet from a .357 magnum that was shot by his long time writing partner John Barlow when the esteemed Mr. Barlow was trying to get Weirs attention as they prepared for the Barlow nuptials. As he relayed the story to me (in comments on his blog):
I shot him early in the morning of June 21, 1977 - upon which day I would later be married. Actually, it would be more accurately said that he was nicked with ricocheted shrapnel from a .357 magnum round I'd blanged off into the floor in order to get his attention. I'd forgotten that the floor in that room was concrete... He sustained minor flesh wounds and was still able (and willing) to act as my best man later that day.
Excellent and a mighty tough trooper Cowboy Bob has turned out to be. Here's a picture of him with Barlow.

Anyway, one of those Cowboy Bob songs happens to be a cover of a John Philips (as in the Mamas and the Papas) song that he composed one night with Judy Collins while drunk on Tequila. The story goes he had no recollection of penning it until he started to receive royalty payments from Ms. Collin's production company.

At some point, Cowboy Bob picked it up, and the rest - as they say - is history.

Here it is for you, in honor of Says Uncle and Cowboy Bob

Me and My Uncle

Me and my uncle went riding down
South Colorado, West Texas bound
We stopped over in Santa Fe
That being the point just about half way
And you know it was the hottest part of the day

I took the horses up to the stall
Went to the bar-room, ordered drinks for all
Three days in the saddle, you know my body hurt
It being summer, I took off my shirt
And I tried to wash off some of that dusty dirt

West Texas cowboys, they's all around
With liquor and money, they're loaded down
So soon after pay day, you know it seemed a shame
You know my uncle, he starts a friendly game
Hi-lo jacks and the winner take the hand

My uncle starts winning, cowboys got sore
One of them called him, and then two more
Accused him of cheating, well no it couldn't be
I know my uncle, he's as honest as me
And I'm as honest as a Denver man can be

One of them cowboys, he starts to draw
Well I shot him down, Lord, he never saw
Shot me another, hot damn he won't grow old
In the confusion my uncle grabbed the gold
And we high-tailed it down to Mexico

Now I love those cowboys, I love their gold
I love my uncle, God rest his soul
Taught me good, Lord, taught me all I know
Taught me so well, I grabbed that gold
And I left his dead ass there by the side of the road

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Cute Kids

So true

So True.

Teresa, Part Deux?

From Page Six
IT'S one thing to get elected to high office with an outspoken wife — it's quite another to get into a tony country club. Case in point: Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.), an applicant to the blue-blooded Chevy Chase Club in suburban Washington. He's been on probation since his wife, Susan, was overheard yelling at the staff on more than one occasion. "She's really teed off on some of the help," said one member. Bayh, whose name is often brought up as a possible presidential candidate, had enjoyed club privileges while his application was being considered.

The 5 Question Meme

Surely someone wants to partake in the The 5 Question Meme???

Like You And Me, Only Better

Yep, rank sure has its privileges.
A top D.C. fire official last week hit an 11-year-old boy in a crosswalk and left the scene before police investigated the accident, city records show.

It is not clear whether Deputy Fire Chief Beatrice Rudder fully followed procedures in reporting her March 15 accident. Fire and police department reports on the incident bear inconsistencies that officials could not resolve yesterday.
Not clear?!?!?!?!?! Well, yes, not clear.
No police were on the scene, and Chief Rudder left before police investigated the accident, according to a police report and fire officials.
Fire officials said yesterday that they were not initially aware that no police officer went to the scene to investigate. But they said they were satisfied that Chief Rudder followed departmental procedures in reporting the accident.
"From the onset of the incident, it looks as if the procedures were followed," Chief Martin said.
Of course, Chief Martin admits that:
was clearly a violation of department policy for Chief Rudder to leave the scene before police arrived.
Let me remind you what has occurred, in case you suffer from short term memory lapses.
No police were on the scene, and Chief Rudder left before police investigated the accident, according to a police report and fire officials.

OK jokes, riddle me this . . . . . how the hell can they be "satisfied that Chief Rudder followed departmental procedures" when everyone seems to agree she broke the law???

Oh, I guess I know. In the third world republic that DC is, obeying the law isn't included as part of routine government agency procedures, especially not for a high ranking local official.

FWIW - here's what this piece of scum looks like.

Lose Weight, Escape From Big Brother

Apparantly, the fools tools running DC have devised a new strategy for convincing people to lose weight - they are now going to place weight sensitive sensors on roads throughout D.C.
The District will expand its electronic surveillance of motorists by planting sensors in the Anacostia Freeway.
Don't worry though, they aren't targeting fat terrorists. Instead, they are targeting their not fat enough bank account.
A truck driver told The Washington Times yesterday that he is wary of the city's intentions.
"It seems like a legal, back-door commuter tax," said Ronald Hutchinson, 53, of Fort Washington, who has driven trucks for more than 30 years. "I'm sure the fines are going to be healthy. For the city to [build] it, obviously they feel there's money in those hills."
The fines will be $100 for the first 5,000 pounds over the limit and $6 for each additional 100 pounds.
With the station costing over $1 million to build, and expected to raise revenue to repair I-295 - something Congress appropriates more than sufficient money to do - its pretty clear that the project is just about raising revenue.
The new device, near the Anacostia Naval Station, is designed to catch overweight trucks, and Metropolitan Police Department officers will issue on-the-spot fines.
"We will have a virtual weight station that will be embedded into the pavement," Bill Rice, spokesman for the Department of Transportation, said yesterday. "It's one of a kind in the country, that we know of, because the enforcement element is tied to the weighing."

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Homeland Security Rifles

As the Democratic Party continues its efforts to soften America's front line homeland security defenses, private citizens in Iraq are taking those same instruments and fighting back against Al Quaida.

Ordinary Iraqis rarely strike back at the insurgents who terrorize their country. But just before noon today, a carpenter named Dhia saw a troop of masked gunmen with grenades coming towards his shop and decided he had had enough.

As the gunmen emerged from their cars, Dhia and his young relatives shouldered their own AK-47's and opened fire, police and witnesses said. In the fierce gun battle that followed, three of the insurgents were killed, and the rest fled just after the police arrived. Two of Dhia's young nephews and a bystander were injured, the police said.

"We attacked them before they attacked us," Dhia, 35, his face still contorted with rage and excitement, said in a brief exchange at his shop a few hours after the battle. He did not give his last name. "We killed three of those who call themselves the mujahedeen. I am waiting for the rest of them to come and we will show them."

Good for Dhia and good for the New York Times for reporting something that so obviously goes against everything their editorial board stands for.

I used to keep a list of real citizens with real balls, and Mr. Dhia's actions are convincing me to repost it.

I've got an AK clone (but not a real one). Perhaps the time is right to finally get myself a true American homeland defense rifle. Ya know, it would be just the thing to purchase April 15th in honor of Frank Lautenberg, Chuck Schumer, and the bastard terrorist sympathizers in the Democratic Party.

The 5 Question Meme

Via SaysUncle, my 5 questions have been posted.

For those of you unfamiliar with this particular Meme, Xrlq asked Say Uncle 5 questions. Say Uncle in turn had to get five other bloggers to answer an additional 5 questiosn (I don't know if Xrlq asked 5 bloggers, nor if Xrlq was in fact simply one of five bloggers to be asked). Anyway, its now my turn to answer 5 questions and hence, also seek out 5 for questioning. If your interested, email me at countertop AT gmail DOT com or put something in the comments.

1 - As someone who has endorsed the Republican party, where do you see them headed? Specifically, a lot of people (ahem, me) who used to vote Republican are becoming disenchanted with them and are no longer happy with the fact that they are just not Democrats. Are the Rs going to reach out to people like me or say to Hell with us?
That is really a great question, and I am going to have to think long and hard on this one.

First, the disclaimers: While a long time libertarian - I do happen to be a member of the Virginia Republican Party and a local precinct captain. In addition, by the nature of my job, I work pretty closely with the Administration and the Republican's in Congress and have pretty damn solid Republican connections around town. I am also a fairly regular attendee at Grover Nordquist's Wednsday Morning Revival's of the Faithful.

I think that so far, especially in Iraq, things have gone perfectly acording to plan. Sure, a minor setback here and there, but what the liberal moonbats don't realize is that a good plan anticipates a few setbacks. In all though, Iraq following the fall of Sadam became a magnet for terrorists and the front line in the War on Terror. While the press complained, at least we killed those bastards there and not here.

That said, I worry about the Republican party. One of my favorite sayings is that Pigs Get Slaughtered and I am frightened that the Republican's, in all their greed, still don't understand it. There is an old timer type here in DC named Jim Tozzi. He's the guy who brought you the Data Quality Act amongst other great treasures. Liberals generally hate him, but he's a good enough guy, who has a wonderful saying - They All Go Native.

What he means is that whatever a politician's (and especially a President's) best intentions while running for office, once they arrive in DC they become inlfuenced by the massive federal presence, the quality of life stuff that goes on around here, the echo chamber of a rumour mill that this town is, and the small clicky nature of political DC (its like high school all over, just with more at stake) and not wanting to be an outcast and out of favor with the folks throwing the good parties or whatever, they quickly accept the bloated federal beurocratic monster as something that is not only acceptable but that should be allowed to continue to grown and exert its power.

The end result of course is that you have politicans who want to avoid the real issues and instead of offering legitimate solutions to pressing matters like social security (raising the retirement age), our serious energy shortage (increase access to domestic and foreign supplies of natural gas, build more natural gas pipelines, stop wasting time with liberal pipe dreams), outsourcing of jobs (shut down run away lawsuit abuse, refurbish the Clean Air Act), and the run away size of the federal government, they instead want to focus on touchy feely non issues like whether overpaid baseball players are also worthless drug addicts and cheaters and whether or not a state court has the authority after 15 years of litigating to rule on state law.

Simple answer - don't trust any politician. None have your best interest at heart and all will screw you in a second to curry favor with someone else. However, if you go into Washington with that understanding, you are much better positioned to play the game to your individual favor. And remember, at the end of the day, as bad as the Republican's are, most Democrats (and all of their Senior leadership) would sell you and the constitution and all this country stands for to a third world dictor like Castro without blinking an eye - if they thought it would result in more campaign donations from George Soros.

Does this answer your question???

2 - Why exactly do countertop’s need chronicling?

Ever see the movie Diner?? Well, I grew up in Jersey. There are lots of Diners with lots of fascinating stuff going on. Invariably, the best conversations always occur at the half dozen or so seats amongst the regular guys eating at the counter. Those conversation's need to be chronicled in much the same way that all the conversation's taking place at the barbershop need to be chronicled.

3 - You live in (or maybe near?) DC and you are a firearm enthusiast. How hard is that? And what’s in your firearm collection?
I live in the wonderful Commonwealth of Virginia which sees fit to recognize my right to carry my guns concealed (as long as I want to register my intentions) as well as recognizes my right to carry them in an open manner wherever and whenever and in whatever fashion I desire.

It makes it very easy to be a firearms enthusiast.

The only difficulties I can really think of are that its not really a good idea to carry to work and since I live in McLean right off the George Washignton Parkway and frequently travel to Alexandria on the other end, I often times have to construct interesting routes to avoid driving on/in what is technically a federal park so as to avoid a violation of federal law. Otherwise, everything is pretty cool . . . and the NRA HQ Range is only 15 minutes away.

As for my collection - lets just say I have more than I need and not as much as I want (though I still haven't gotten around to grabbing an AR-15 or a Garand yet). In all seriousness though, my collection is split up amongst a few places (including here, Jersey, and my Chattanooga (well, North Georgia) abode. It includes a number of handguns, a number of shotguns, and a number of rifles.

4 - Heard any good jokes lately?

No. I work in DC. Ever hear a politican tell a joke? Its a sad, sad, sight.

But you ask, so I will try to respond. I used to run a lawyer joke of the day email list in law school and a friend reminded me of this one (which was my favorite) the other day at lunch.

Q: What's black and tan and looks good on a lawyer?

A: A Rottweiler!

5 - IIRC, you’re some sort of lawyer. What type? I assume you have political aspirations being a lawyer in DC?

I do enironmental and energy law. And some real estate stuff.

As for political aspirations - I go back and forth on that and have been toying with the idea of becoming a Democrat in order to run for office around here. I think I could attract lots of attention as a pro gun, pro states rights, anti tax anti spending Democrat. Winning the primary though, might be a bit tough (Democrats really only want life long crazies and ridiculously (not self made) wealthy people running for office.

Really though, my biggest aspiration right now is to just get the hell out of DC and move to some small town to raise my kid safely.

UPDATE: In answering question 1, I swear that I had no idea Ryan Sager published (and the Instapundit linked to) a great essay on the connection between steroids and Schiavo and the downfall of the Republican party.

Monday, March 21, 2005

RIP, Bobby Short

As I age, I come to agreement on another point with my father, good music is in short supply. Bobby Short, who died today, understood that.

"I go back to what I heard Marian Anderson say once: 'First a song has to be beautiful,' " Short told The New York Times in 2002. "However, 'beautiful' covers a wide range of things. I have to admire a song's structure and what it's about. But I also have to determine how I can transfer my affection for a song to an audience; I have to decide whether I can put it across."

Sucking . . . .

But its not a good suck. No, blogger is not some fine $1000/hour escort. Heck, its not even sucking like a whore in a brothel in the middle of the desert. Rather, it sucks like a cheap, two bit, three dollar crack whore slumping on the corner after a busy night.

Of course, since its free, who am I to complain.

Still Sucking

In case your wonder . . . . .

BLOGGER STILL SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Virgin Mary

Bruce at mASS BACKWARDS has made an incredible, historic, discovery. This must truly be a sign.

A sign of what, other than his impending appointment with the Pope, I don't know. I just hope he charges the pilgrims enought to pay for the wear and tear they will inflict on his carpet.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Bush v. Kerry

Bush v. Kerry. A picture says a thousand words, and these pictures make it clear why November's result was always so obvious.

via Les Jones

Shoot Them

The New York Times, surprisingly, is often correct when discussing the scourge of deer.
Deer are simply heeding the biological imperative to go forth and multiply. With no natural predators, and the suburbs a year-round salad bar, they have slipped out of their ecological niche - and it's our fault, not theirs. The deer did not ask human beings to create the kind of predator-free suburban landscapes in which they now thrive. But the mountain lion, gray wolf and bobcat are not about to return, and the houses and highways are staying put. People, therefore, must own up to their place in a compromised food chain, and assume the responsibility for managing it well.

Of course, they aren't entirely on point.
Now, even bird lovers want the deer subdued. The New Jersey Audubon Society, in a report last week, urged the consideration of lethal means to solve the problem, arguing that fencing, contraception and other gentle tactics have proved largely ineffective. The group wants the government to rethink conservation policies it says are intended to maximize herds for hunters, and to consider - especially in the suburbs, where hunting is too dangerous - bringing in sharpshooters.

While the original idea to grow herds may have originated with pro hunting groups, they are not the entire cause of the current problem. Sure, too many hunters are only looking for a nice trophy and not necessarily concerned with the meat, however, whenever I mention to folks around here that I don't shoot bucks and prefer to take does, I get looks of disgust from my non hunting neighbors who think I am simply a cruel and intolerant sadist who is one step removed from killing women and children too. And that attitude, sadly, rests entirely in the hands of the New York Times and its friends in the MSM.

Here are some other suggestions for thinning the herds

  • Lengthen The Season - Around here, if you are a bow hunter and willing to take does, you can pretty much take them at any time (but Sunday's - and that exemption should be eliminated) between mid October and mid march. That should be the case everywhere, or even better, classify does as a nuisance species outside of the traditional season allowing anyone to take one at anytime.

  • Open The Range of Hunting Lands - We know where most urban/suburban deer are found and part of the problem is hunting is off limits there. Legislation is needed at the state and federal level to allow the harvesting of deer in parks and the wooded areas next to roads. Hunters also need to be granted blanket permission to track the deer across the many property boundaries they are sure to cross in an urban/suburban area. Furthermore, shotgun hunting (in addition to bow hunting) should also be allowed in close in urban/suburban areas (Double Ought buck shot works short range wonders).

  • Acknowledge The Utility Of Hunting - Part of the problem is that the governments of almost all urban and suburban areas are not only anti gun, but anti hunting. If they want to correct the problem, they need to welcome hunters with open arms and re-educate the elementary school teachers, soccer moms, and sadly most of the dads too about how vital hunting is to maintaining the balance of nature and man's natural place in the world. That, of course, leads me to my next point.

  • Castigate The Anti Hunting PETA People as the Enemies of Society That They Are - At all opportunity, local government leaders and average citizens should scream and yell and harass the PETA contingent until they hang their heads in shame and leave socieity. We need to reverse this dangerous trends that has arisen on college campuses and blame the vegetarians and anti hunting folks around the world for everything they have caused including every case of lyme disease, every death caused by a deer/car collision, and all the other things that deer overpopulating has caused. If we can drive these nuts to suicide, all the better, but at a minimum we should force them into self imposed exile. At the same time, we need to step up enforcement of hunter protection laws and throw these PETA scum bags in jail (stick em in a cage with the booty bandit for all I care).

  • Reward The Hunter's Efforts - Let's face it, there is simply too much venison running around right now for an individual hunter to eat all he can harvest. At the same time, there are millions starving. While Hunters For The Hungry (H4H) does a great job trying to find venison to donate to the hungry, more needs to be done. The federal government should give H4H enough funds to ensure all the deer it receives is processed as well as provide a financial incentive for hunters to give up their weekends to go hunting. I propose a transferable tax credit per pound of venison (doe only, of course)

If society instituted these changes, I guarantee we would no longer be facing the problem with deer we currently struggle against.

Denise at The Ten Ring chimes in with some nice words and additional thoughts on the idea of only sharpshooters having the right to cull the herds. I swear, I thought I had addressed that in more detail, but apparently I haven't. No need to repeat efforts, just read what Denise wrote. I agree completely.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

NCAA Tournement

Well, its been awfully exciting. Congrats are sure in order for the Catamounts at UVM, the Mountaineers of West Virginia, Bobby Knight and his guys at Texas Tech, and the kinds in Wisconsin Milwaukee.

Of course, I am out. In my office pool I have Wake Forest beating Illinois in the final four and UNC beating Kansas in the elite 8 before dispatching Oklahoma in the final four. Hey, at least UNC, my tourney champ pick, it still in it.

Things aren't much better in the Yahoo Sports poll I am participating in via the Dummocrats where I have Wake Forest beating Illinois and North Carolina beating Kansas before dispatching with Duke in the final four.

Well, thats life, I guess.

The Carnival Of The Recipes

The Flying Space Monkey Chronicles is hosting this week's Carnival Of The Recipes. I' haven't submitted anything in awhile, but I am scheduled to host it in a couple of weeks so I think I best ought to submit some goodies before then too!!

Friday, March 18, 2005

A Giant Vacum Cleaner

BTW, Blogger still sucks.

Think of it as a giant vacum cleaner. Just when you've composed a brilliant, thoughtful, and might I add long and time consuming post, you hit the send button and instead of the joy of posting your greated by the giant googling vacum like sucking sound of blogger sending your post into the netherworld.

I just hope the day cums when she goes from suck to blow and discharges all the posts that have been stolen from me.

Lying No Good Fucktards

I used to comment quite frequently about Virginia's very own lying, no good fucktard Governor Mark Warner and the merry Republican eunuch's that control the House of Delegates and State Senate.

For now, I'll just link to Ravnwood's excellent post.

Brilliant Move!

From Drudge:

The Chairman of the Health, Education, Labor, and Pension (HELP) Committee, Mike Enzi (R-Wyoming) has requested Terri Schiavo to testify before his congressional committee, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. In so doing it triggers legal or statutory protections for the witness, among those protections is that nothing can be done to cause harm or death to this individual.

Members of Congress went to the U.S. Attorney in DC to ask for a temporary restraining order to be issued by a judge, which protects Terri Schiavo from having her life support, including her feeding and hydration tubes, removed.


Thursday, March 17, 2005

Good News From NRDC

If the oil industry can drill in the Arctic Refuge, then no place, no matter how pristine, will be safe.

NRDC legislative director Karen Wayland

via CEI's Myron Ebell

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

People Eating Tasty Animals

As I mentioned last week, this week is the 3rd Annual Eat An Animal For PETA Week here at the Countertop Chronicles.

So far this week - I've had:
  • A Cheeseburger on Monday

  • Meatloaf and Chili on Tuesday

  • and Prime Rib today

Tomorrow - for St. Patty's Day I will probably have Corned Beef and Cabbage - not sure about Friday.

ANWR, continued

By the way, in case you didn't realize it, John "Traitorous Lout" Kerry, the haughty French looking democratic candidate who lost the 2004 presidential election, and by the way served in Vietnam, was quick to point out how important ANWR is for the nation.

What is at stake today is not just the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. It is our democracy.

Sadly though, he doesn't quite understand that democracy is about ensuring the interests of "the people" represented. Rather, he would like to impose a system for judicial nominees as well as deciding where to secure resources for future energy needs, that ensures a small and elite minority of the people have all the control.

Now, getting back to my promised post on Gun's Germs and Steel, Professor Diamond spends some time examining exactly how some regions have given rise to more dictators (and hence more kleptocracts) than others.

He points to 4 techniques, a mixture of which, have always been utilized by successful dictators, kleptocrats, and other elites to maintain control and power and a more comfortable lifestyle over the majority of commoners.
  • Disarm the populace and arm the elite

  • Make the mass happy by redistributing much of the tribute received (but ensuring that it ultimately further upholds your grasp on power)

  • Use the monopoly of force to promote happiness

  • Construct an ideology or religion justifying kleptocracy

Sounds just like John Kerry's proposed recipe for long term democratic success to ensure his band of elitist comrades can continue to live in their mansions, drive their limousines, and dictate what makes the little people happy.

Artic National Wildlife Refuge

Common Sense has finally come to the U.S. Senate in their 51-49 vote to allow for oil and gas exploration on a tiny part of the north slope of Alaska's Artic National Wildlife Refuge.

Its a huge step for the nation's economy and security as well as the economies of the local indigenous peoples living in the area (80% of whom support oil and gas exporation in the area).

FWIW - Arlen Specter cast the deciding 51st vote. I've had harsh words for Sen. Specter in the past, but this time - on this issue - I think all American's owe him a debt of gratitude.


Thanks to Says Uncle for the ad and welcome.

I urge everyone to scroll through my archives for the time being. With rapidly emerging developments here in D.C. I actually have some work to do. However, I will be back posting later this afternoon - including a post based upon Jared Diamond's great Guns, Germs, and Steel - which I just read for the first time.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

No Bloggin'

I'm traveling over the next few days so there ain't gonna be no blogging here till at least Monday evening.

Sorry. Deal with it.

Or as the Gizgooglizer puts it
Im sippin' over tha N-to-tha-izzext few days so there aint gonna be no gang bangin' here tizzay at least Monday even'n.

Sorry. Deal wit it . Ill slap tha taste out yo mouf.

In The Begizzin

I don't know if you've seen Gizgoogle yet, but let me assure you, the nerds in Silicon Valley sure better watch their six, cause Snoop Dog is on their tail.

In any case, I thought it might be interesting to revisit my first ever post, Snoop Dog Style

W-to-tha-izzell, brotha one ta not try n hop on tha train AFTER it has left tha station, Ive finally decided ta git up mah own web log, or bizzle. I hope you enjoy mah chillin' n maybe we can all learn a thing or two. As tha Great Communicizzles so eloquently put it, tha open exchange of ideas is really tha greatest security of a free people with the S-N-double-O-P.

Of course, wizzle someone shows up n intends ta threaten T-H-to-tha-izzat freedom, we thank tha open exchange of ideas amongst those arms brotha in tha Connectizzles Brotha Valley who gave rise ta tha .357 which so effectively protects.

I suppose any good introduction, as introductions do, should give a shawty background `bout me, this blog, n tha direction i would like ta takes it . Im crazy, you can't phase me.

well, i am a thirty sum-m sum-m married guy, witta fabulous wife, son n dog, liv'n jizzle outside washington, d.c. but still "inside tha beltway." im an envirizzles attorney n spend mah days, nights, n most chillin' hours try'n ta educate thugz `bout tha true state of tha environment, n ensure tizzy congress, n more importantly, tha folks at tha envirizzles protection agency thiznink before tizzle act. sometizzle its a whole lot more difficult T-H-to-tha-izzan one would imagine . They call me tha black folks president. as that patron saint of regulatory oversight, jim tozzi, likes ta say: every four years we git someone new who swears theyll do it differizzles but they all go native . Boom bam as I step in the jam, God damn. if youve gots a suggestion fo` how we can change thizzay shoot me an email, id love ta discuss it.

As you can imagine, wit mah background, i W-to-tha-izzill probably be messin' some time hizzle present'n mah views on various envirizzles matta fo' sheezy. dont fear though, coz i do have wanna be gangsta interests. yo also likely ta read `bout mah delusizzles blingin' on politics n politizzles theory, why mah macintosh playa is superior ta yo pc (-B-to-tha-izzut doesnt hold a candle ta mah oldcommodore 64), current events, mah son, wife, n dog, n of course anyth'n else thats on mah mind.

i also hizzle ta spice th'n up wit some real news report'n on tha events in downtown d.c. in tha com'n weeks, look fo` both some, photo n video reports on all tha major events

generally, i hope ta present fairly serious commentizzles witta bit of fun thrown in, on a variety of subjects over tha com'n days, weeks, months, n hopefully years (we wizzill see `bout that) with the gangsta shit that keeps ya hangin.

Ill mostly be trippin' fizzle mah homes outside Washington, D.C. n Chattanizzles TN, n rappa else mah travels takes me if you gots a paper stack. Since I am not paid ta bliznog, its B-to-tha-izzest ta look fo` updates in tha trippin' n even'n (unless some special event is happen'n).

So sit back, grab some coffee, n come join me at tha drug deala top.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Hi Grade Win 95 4 barrel take down set

30-06, 25-06, 280 and 35 Whelan


I don't think I can stress enough how much I want a gun from Wild West Guns They just do such stunning work. If I ever make it up to Alaska, an Alaskan Co-Pilot in .457 WWMagnum/45-70 is one of the first things I am going to purchase in Anchorage.

Jim West has got it going on.

Words of Wisdom

Some thoughts on France.

"I would rather have a German division in front of me than a
French one behind me."
General George S. Patton

"Going to war without France is like going deer hunting without
your accordion."
Norman Schwartzkopf

"The only time France wants us to go to war is when the German
Army is sitting in Paris sipping coffee."
Regis Philbin

Buy A Gun For America Day

The march to Buy A Gun For America Day continues!!!!

If your tax refund is big enough, might I suggest this worthwhile package.

His Remington Army revolver is a captured Yankee issued gun, having a U.S. inspector’s cartouche stamped into the left grip. His revolver is serial number 32827. It is one hundred percent original and it retains more than eighty-five percent of its original blued finish. Coopwood carved a Texas star and inlaid a brass numeral two into the right grip. The gun is mechanically perfect and still has an excellent bore. The Confederate manufactured, russet holster is fitted with an iron buggy awning finial for a closure finial, but the holster’s flap has been cut away to allow for a quick draw. It is also fitted with a tie down string to keep the holster’s toe from rising during a quick draw. These alterations were especially important to a scout serving in the border-states where it was hard to tell friend from foe.

. . . .

Major Coopwood’s knife and scabbard are a beautifully crude affair. The wooden scabbard is custom made for this knife and it could not sheath any knife other than this one. The scabbard’s upper tin mount is punch art decorated with, the word TEXAS and 2 M R which stands for the 2nd Texas Mounted Rifles. The 2nd Mounted Rifles eventually became the 2nd Texas Cavalry. The scabbard’s tin toe is decorated with the punch art letters CSA. The complete group is in excellent condition.

They've got lots more worth checking out.

People Eating Tasty Animals

Yep folks, thats right, today is the Third Annual Eat an Animal for PETA Day!

I'm thinking something along the lines of Foie Gras for lunch, though a steak would certainly do as well.

Heck, maybe I'll just eat some tasty Sea Beef.

Great Lines In Movie History

This is one Kim would appreciate

Sheriff: Jesus, Clyde, you've got three pistols and only one arm for Christ sake.

Clyde: I just don't want to get killed for lack of shooting back.

From The Unforgiven.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

That GAO Report

Once again, Clayton Cramer says all you need to know.
Not surprisingly, many of the same liberals whining about the hazards to our civil liberties because of the PATRIOT Act are upset that the federal government doesn't "do something" about these people who have not yet committed a crime. I actually agree that this is a serious problem--but don't whine about losses of civil liberties, then demand that the government punish people who have not yet broken any laws.

March Madness

I generally could give two rats asses about basketball. Of all the organized team sports, it is clearly my least favorite (I saw one basketball game at UT).

However, like so many millions of other American's, something about March Madness fascinates me. The Wall Street Journal, in their workout profile of Senate Clerk and NCAA ref Donee Gray gets it right.
at the college level, the game still means something to the players, fans and refs. "It's not like a business, like the NBA," he says. "In college you still get goose bumps."


It's screaming hypocrisy, isn't it?' said Roy Schotland, a professor at the Georgetown University Law Center and a critic of Mr. McCain's campaign finance legislation. 'What he's doing is what he and his side are always screaming about, violating at least the spirit of the campaign finance laws.

Yes, it is.

And for what its worth, as embarrased as I am to admit it, I was a member of John McCain's primary campaign organization. Fame has clearly gone to his head.
Mr. McCain, the institute's most prominent spokesman, defended the large donations as a necessary part of advocacy work, and drew a distinction between the progressive agenda of the Reform Institute and political efforts to which campaign finance laws apply. The institute is different, he said, "because it is nonpartisan and issue-oriented."
Well, I guess the NRA should get a pass too then, shouldn't it?

Monday, March 07, 2005

Happenings you missed.

Dinner, at Harry's Tap Room, with the Geek and Ravnwood.

A good time was had by all.

Blogger Sucks!!!

'Nuff said


Massbackwards noted New Hampshire was rated the most livable state for the second year in a row while Taxachussets pulled down a number 7 rating.
I guess having some of the best hospitals in the world nearby cancels out the increased likelihood of being the victim of violent crime.

Interesting. It turns out that Virginia came in number 5 this year. Of course, they also rate states based upon level of danger.

In that list Taxachussets comes in at the 29th most dangerous while Virginia is the 38th most dangerous, or put another way, Virginia is the 13th safest while Tacachussets is the 22nd safest. New Hampshire, of course, is the 4th safest state in the Union.

Know what???? It also snows there. Maybe a move North is in order sometime soon.

Screw 'Em

Clayton Cramer has put up one of the more interesting blog posts I have read in a long, long time. Its chock full of about nuts, bolts, and screwing.

Firearm Instruction

In case your interested, I've signed up over to provide introductory firearms instruction for anyone in the Washington, D.C. area.

Here's what I've agreed to
"I do my shooting at the NRA Range in Northern Virginia (DC area). Conditions - I'll provide a hand gun, ammo, and range fees, they just need to give me as much advanced notice as possible (scheduling is always an issue) and be willing to sit down and take the NRA Range test - part of the instruction includes my assistance in completing the test (the NRA uses it as an educational tool)."

If you want to shoot rifles, thats cool too but with one caveat. I'll provide ammo all day long for anything firing .22lr. However, if were talking real rifle calibers, then you just have to pay for the ammo (sorry, I have a mortgage and am trying to save for my son's college education).

There are lots more folks nationwide listed at Publicola's page.

Check them out.

And he's . . . . .


Well, for at least one more posting aboard the USS Clueless. Hopefully, more will follow.


Tim's at it again, this time defending polygamy against the gay rights crowd that wants to limit those relationships which qualify for marriage rights.

See, the problem is, freedom is contagious. You can't have it one way, and expect no one else to want it. Just doesn't happen. There are only really two real choices in the marriage fight - either we limit marriage to between a man and a woman or we don't. If we are going to agree that there is something special about the nuclear family and limit marriage based upon thousands of years of experience and instinct and the natural order, then thats fine.

However, if we are going to upset that natural order, and open marriage up, its ludicrous to then place new, irrational, limits on marriage.

Nope, its either all or nothing in this fight.

Another Lost Cause

Its a shame what's happened to Connecticut. Once the center of America's industrial might and the home of our world class firearms industry, its now another racist, class based liberal utopia with no regard for its citizens (or at least those citizens with under a million dollars. WFSB Cab driver charged after killing in self defense.
John Lutters says he is the victim after he was stabbed in the neck during a robbery attempt and fought back.

Lutters is now a convicted felon, having to plead guilty to charges in court. Lutters did not have a permit to carry the gun he used to shoot his passenger, Travis Hazelwood, in self defense.

"It's cost me everything I've had just about, including a criminal record", says Lutters.

Police charged him with illegal possession of a gun. But Lutter's attorney argued that under Connecticut state law, you don't need a gun permit if you keep it in your home or your place of business.

"If the cab is not his place of business than what is", says attorney Robert Berke.

sadly, Connecticut is another state that has fallen victim to a run-away liberal judiciary with no regard for reason. This time, the State Supreme Court has ruled that a taxi cab isn't a place of business (therefore subjecting those citizens most likely to be at risk of violent death to face such a fate unarmed)

And to hell with the Second Amendment

That apparently is the view of New York City's MaoistRepublican mayor Michael Bloomberg according to
the NY Post.
The mayor, meanwhile, let on to his true agenda recently on his radio show when asked if all handguns should be banned. "I'm not so sure I wouldn't think that is a good idea," he said.

The editorial, which addresses the forthcoming bill granting immunity from reckless lawsuits for firearms manufacturers is a welcome oasis of relief in a city otherwise opposed to freedom, mom's and apple pie on the fourth of july.
A bill in Congress to block lawsuits against gun-makers is hardly a per fect answer to litigious gun-control activists, but it seems the best recourse nonetheless.

Notwithstanding calls by folks like Mayor Bloomberg to defeat the bill.

Such sweeping legislation, which would limit suits by states and localities, should bother anyone concerned about limited government.

But, then, so should the explosion of those suits against a perfectly legal industry.

Yep, that about sums it up. Just remember, Bloomberg is a lifelong liberal Democrat (and billionaire) who only ran as a Republican because he couldn't win the crowded Democratic mayoral primary.

Gun Sleaze

The Enfield No.2Mk.1 Revolver in .38 S&W

The standard British military revolver in World War Two.

Only $465 at Collectible Firearms.


Web Hosting / DSL Provider

The bastards at Verizon (formerly Nynex(sucks)) just informed me that they are going to raise the monthly cost of my DSL service to $37.95.


Since I've been wanting to drop blogger and go to wordpress for some time (and Verizon doesn't support MySQL) I was wondering if folks could recommend some providers for me.


Friday, March 04, 2005

Pretty Private Property Projects

Sarah Hempel is asking the difficult questions concerning private property rights.
How can we repect private property rights AND have a society that values and upholds quality architecure, smart city planning, and an overall sense of the importance of Beauty?

My thoughts, later.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Transformation Begins

As my regular readers know, I purchased myself a SS ORM Colt 1991A1 a couple of weeks ago at the Nation's Gun Show in Chatilly, VA. This is my first 1911 style gun and I thought I would just get a Colt out of the box since everything else is just a copy anyway (plus the price was right).

Here's what it looked like that day.

As I stated at the time,
So far, I am super pleased and certain that she's a keeper. First upgrades (coming from the Brownell's Catalogue, of course) includes new rosewood grips and some Chip McCormick Power Mags. I'm gonna throw a new trigger on there too, but am waiting to run through the first 500 rounds before I settle on what I want. I'll post an actual range report later on this week.

Well, so far she is a keeper alright. 350 rounds into her life and only 3 FTFs (both my limp wristed fault) and every round on target. I am also 2/3 through my initial upgrade plans. First, I purchased myself some Chip McCormick Power Mags at a steal of a price from Natchez Shooting Sports. Then, the other day, I ordered a set of Chip McCormick rosewood grips. They arrived today and are truly things of beauty.

I'm sure you agree.

Light Blogging

Sorry for the light nonexistent blogging today. It was a pretty busy day and tomorrow looks no better.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Priest Is Back

WW I Color Photos

These color photo's, taken by the French during World War I, are simply incredible. They were taken by the Autochrome Lumière process, invented by early French filmakers the Lumière brothers in 1903 and the only commercialy color process available until 1935 when Kodachrone was developed. Incidently, the use of Kodachrome was popularized in the late 1930s by Eliot Porter who was instrumental in the development of the dye transfer process which enabled the creation of brilliant, full color enlarged prints from negatives. I mention this only because Elliot Porter has always been a favorite of mine as well as because I went to law school with one of his children.

Hat tip to Synthstuff.

Eating Crow

Well, the day finally happened. However reluctantly, the New York Times is eating a little crow this morning.
Still, this has so far been a year of heartening surprises - each one remarkable in itself, and taken together truly astonishing. The Bush administration is entitled to claim a healthy share of the credit for many of these advances. It boldly proclaimed the cause of Middle East democracy at a time when few in the West thought it had any realistic chance. And for all the negative consequences that flowed from the American invasion of Iraq, there could have been no democratic elections there this January if Saddam Hussein had still been in power.

The left is heading into a complete tailspin.

Winter Wonderland

Even though the snow really didn't stick in D.C., it was still coming down hard at one point - turning the White House into a veritable winter wonderland. I'll leave you with this nice image.

DC Snowstorms

Well, as you may have heard by now, the brutal snow storm we were expecting was anything buy. Sure, in the suburbs a couple of inches fell (maybe, just maybe, 3 inches fell in McLean) but in D.C. the snow just didn't stick. Still, it didn't stop the Washingtonians from looking like fools . . . . D.C. is the only city I have ever been in where the locals pull out an umbrella in a snow storm to try and keep dry.

Moonbats on Parade

The moonbat's were on parade at the White House today and I was there, in the snow, with camera on hand.

First, we had a large group of disabled folks chanting "NGA, Pass The Resolution"

What the resolution is, and why they are protesting at the White House though, seems beyond most of them, but they were generally peaceful, vocal, and believed in their cause enough to stand outside all day long in the snow - No small feat for someone in a wheel chair..

What I did gather though is that there is a resolution before the National Governors Association considering whether to support S. 910 which allegedly would allow state money for disabled Americans to follow them wherever they went - and not be restricted to use in a nursing home. According to the protestor, if someone wants to get in home care, they would like the money the state currently pays the nursing homes for their care to instead be directed to any in home nurses.

Can't argue with that, though somehow I doubt the issue is as nicely framed as the chanting moonbat spokewoman put it (especially in light of the fact that their spokeswoman/leader) wasn't sure of the bill number, who introduced it, or preciesly why they were protesting at the White House, but they made a good show of storming the gates.

Of course, the other moobats were far worse - they were mourning the one year anniversary of the Haitian coup and calling for the U.S. to allow Jean Bertrand Aristide to return to power.

Me: Why are you protesting?
Moonbat Chick: It is the 1 year anniversary of the Haitian Coup and We want the White House to allow President Aristide to return to power?
Me: Wasn't he a cruel and barbaric dictator?
Moonbat Chick: He was democratically elected
Me: Oh, Democratically elected like Saddam Hussein? Didn't the UN remove him?
Moonbat Chick: We aren't protesting Iraq today.

Boy I wish my batteries hadn't died. A picture of her here - with facial jewelry and proper HEMP uniform - would have been just perfect. Oh well, instead, we are left with simply another crowd shot, though thats her in the overcoat on the far left (how appropriate).

Anyway, I think her comments say about as much about the subject as you need to know. The left is looney and the facts don't matter - as long as they have an excuse to protest George W. Bush. With Iraqi's rejoicing in the streets and participating in real democracy,, the Lebanese and Israelis about to join forces to take Lebanon back from the Syrians and turn it back into a the thriving democracy it once was (and with Syria and Iran also teetering on collapse) Aristide has become the left's dictator du jour as the unprofessional protesters desperately search out the next cause.

DC Sunset

Not the greatest, but I took these pictures of the Tidal Basin and Jefferson Monument while driving home Friday evening. The weather was slightly better than yesterday's weather.

The Tidal Basin

The Jefferson Memorial

I really like this one.