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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Buy A Gun To Piss Of Chuck Schumer Day

Well, I spoke with the accountant today and it looks like I am gonna be getting a whole lot more money back than I planned on. While that makes me jump for joy - I need it to pay some bills, it also pisses me off that the Government took it in the first place - If I had it earlier, then maybe these bills would have been paid on time.

Anyway, Im going to have about $500 to spend on a gun. Now, the question is . . . . what do I get.

The CMP has Service Grade Garands available for $500. Very tempting. Don't have a Garand yet and really would like to get one before they are all sold out. But, should I get one of these, or spend a couple of hundred more on something in better condition? Any advice is appreciated.

Are there any good AR15s I can consider? Or maybe a used AR15?? Again, advice is much appreciated.

The other item I was thinking of was perhaps picking up some surplus rifles - I still want a Swiss K31 and one of those Yugo SKSs (with grenade launcher). I could probably buy one of them as well as a used wheel gun for $500. Thats tempting too.

Of course, for a few hours today, I was considering blowing the entire refund on one of these beauties.

My wife quickly knocked some sense into me. Seriously, where would I be able to shoot it - she knew that would just drive me to buy thousands of acres of land in the middle of nowhere - some place she would rather not be.


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