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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Jay G's 5 Questions

Jay G, the Yankee at North Georgia Dogman has graciously agreed to answer 5 questions from me. These should have been posted earlier, but Blogger sucks and wouldn't let me post them till now. If it wasn't for Blogger sucking so hard (I really do need a new blogsite), these would have been up days ago. Alas, they finally are here, now.

  • The letter R. What is it about this funny letter stuck between Q and S and why do folks from Taxachussets have such a hard time with it?

  • Smith College and Mount Holyoke are two of the predominant man hating lesbian/chick schools in America and both are located in Central Massachusetts. If you were forced to strip down and walk naked across one of their campus's, which one would you choose and why? Also, are the liberal man hating feminists any better - or worse - at U Mass, the taxpayer funded cesspool of disgraced and disgusting liberal ideologues just down the road from them, in Amherst?

  • What gun that you own – which is legal to own in Massachusetts – would most scare your neighbors if they found out about it? What gun that you currently can't own in Massachusetts, will be the first you purchase upon leaving the state?

  • John Kerry – What do the good folks of Taxachusetts really think about him? How does that compare to their opinions of Chappaquiddick Ted?

  • I always found it rather amusing that the Taxachusetts Tax Authorities not only parked State Police car's in the parking lot of NH State Liquor Stores, but that Taxachusetts then required Massholes to have to report and pay the taxes they avoided by shopping out of state. All that coming from the state that at one time brought us the Boston Tea Party. Anyway, do the fools in Taxachusetts still require this and if so, have you ever done this and how many of your neighbors do this? Is this the most ridiculous tax burden in a state of dumb tax burdens? If not, what is?

Thanks Jay!!!


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