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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Cowboy Blob's 5 Questions

Here they are.

1. This first one is a multipart one. You claim to be Cowboy Bob, but yet there have been many before you. These include real horse riding dudes, trick roper rodeo dudes, aspiring country music stars, rodeo riding wrasslers, and of course, the aforementioned Cowboy Bob Weir.

Is Cowboy Bob your SASS registered name? If not, what is? How do you compare to each of these other Cowboy Bob's and do you possess any of the skills they have, at anything close to their level of skill? If you can't sing a Cowboy song as good as Bob Weir, can you play a cowboy song on an instrument? If so, which one (instrument) and what is your favorite cowboy song (Dead and otherwise)? After considering the competition, are you still certain your the biggest and best and legitimate claimant to the Title Cowboy Bob??

2. Ferrets, explain them. Do they ever smell good? How many do you have? What are their (its) names? How long do they live for? Are they carnivores? omnivores? vegetarians?

3. You say there is little you can't fix with $700 and a thirty ought six. What exactly have you fixed with $700 and a thirty ought six and is there anything you don't think that combination will fix?

4. You were in the military at some point. When and in what branch of the service? What did you do and did you blow things up? What was the biggest thing you ever blew up?

5. Arizona. . . . .about as bad-ass-pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps-freedom-rules-cowboy-kind-of-state as you can find. Please explain John McCain? What has happened to him and how have the good folks in Arizona reacted? I think his head exploded and his mind disappeared after his stellar run in the 2000 primary. Is that correct, or has he always been a liberal loony? Any chance of the citizenry rising up on removing him from office? And can we really ever trust any elected official from a state that is sometimes an hour ahead and sometimes an hour behind, but for some reason insists on messing with everyone's clocks? What is the reason for the weird time thing going on in Arizona and how does it impact your TiVo scheduling?

Thanks for playing Cowboy Bob - and while its actually slightly more than 5 questions, they are all at least somewhat related. If anyone else out there wants to give it a try, let me know. I still have a few more of these I am obligated to do.


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