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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Lose Weight, Escape From Big Brother

Apparantly, the fools tools running DC have devised a new strategy for convincing people to lose weight - they are now going to place weight sensitive sensors on roads throughout D.C.
The District will expand its electronic surveillance of motorists by planting sensors in the Anacostia Freeway.
Don't worry though, they aren't targeting fat terrorists. Instead, they are targeting their not fat enough bank account.
A truck driver told The Washington Times yesterday that he is wary of the city's intentions.
"It seems like a legal, back-door commuter tax," said Ronald Hutchinson, 53, of Fort Washington, who has driven trucks for more than 30 years. "I'm sure the fines are going to be healthy. For the city to [build] it, obviously they feel there's money in those hills."
The fines will be $100 for the first 5,000 pounds over the limit and $6 for each additional 100 pounds.
With the station costing over $1 million to build, and expected to raise revenue to repair I-295 - something Congress appropriates more than sufficient money to do - its pretty clear that the project is just about raising revenue.
The new device, near the Anacostia Naval Station, is designed to catch overweight trucks, and Metropolitan Police Department officers will issue on-the-spot fines.
"We will have a virtual weight station that will be embedded into the pavement," Bill Rice, spokesman for the Department of Transportation, said yesterday. "It's one of a kind in the country, that we know of, because the enforcement element is tied to the weighing."


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