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Monday, March 28, 2005

5 More Questions

Last week, Steve from Ravenwood's Universe has kindly agreed to answer 5 of my dumb Meme questions. Well, I got a bit behind, and he apparantly fell a bit under the weather, so nothing really was lost. Here are his.
  • Though you now live in Northern Virginia, I take it you are originally from the Virginia Beach/Newport Beach Area. How restrictive did it feel to grow up in the belly of Marion "Pat" RObertson's Christian Right empire and considering how conservative that area should be, why does it still remain as anti gun (if not more opposed to concealed carry) as the worst areas of Northern Virginia?

  • We know you like Mustangs. Which gun in your impressive arsenal would you classify as the most "Mustang Like" and which would you call the most "Yugo like"? Do you have any biases against precision European sports cars that might also apply to precision European weapons? If so, what guns in particular are you thinking of?

  • MAC or PC or Linux? Why? You can also elaborate on why Bill Gates ought to be kissing Steve Jobs ass too, if your so inclined.

  • You do a fair bit of jnuk science exposing on your site. What do you believe to be the biggest liberal hoax of the last few years, and what do you predict will replace it once that gig is up?

  • Just how drunk where you for the Steelers game? Have you ever achieved that level of intoxication since? Ever do anything else to tick your mom off as much as that?


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