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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Touche, you Commie Mommie Bitch!

As some of you may know, I grew up near here. Well, today, He Who Shall Not be Named links to this story in the local paper – the Daily Record – about the Commie Mommie of a John Hill School 5th Grader

BOONTON—The mother of a fifth-grader at John Hill School said she will not return a book about firearms that her son checked out of the school library because she feels it is inappropriate and possibly dangerous.

Robin Barroso said that two weeks ago her son, Kyle, brought home “Guns of the World: The Complete Collectors and Traders Guide,” a book she said includes information on how much various firearms cost, what kind of ammunition is used, their range of firing, and also information on machetes.
The book, which she said was published by Petersen Publishing, was copyrighted in 1977.

“It is definitely not meant for children,” Barroso said. “With everything going on in the world this is the last thing my 10-year-old needs to look up.”

Geez, its enough to make me leave the state – if I hadn’t already done that 15 years ago. (Cheers of Joy!!!!)

Things are bad there folks, very bad. Luckily though, I am on the case and my brother is contacting the school today and later this week we will be presenting them with a large donation of items – including an up to date copy of the Guns of the World as well as a subscription to American Rifleman.

Its important the students receive and have access to these materials, because as much as the liberal MSW and the rabid pro-terrorist-anti-constitutionalist Commie Mommies and other gun banning ilk want to change human nature, it just isn’t going to happen. As much as the liberals cry about weapons – whether it be in the hands of police or simply their existence at all – humans nevertheless understand and appreciate firepower and are simply attracted to it for all the reasons humanity has been attracted to powerful weapons for millennia.

Take for examples, these quotes from yesterday’s wonderful Washington Post article on D.C.’s latest tourist sights. It starts off innocuously enough.

The eighth-graders from Indiana bounded off the bus at the U.S. Capitol, where they stood attentively on the lawn as their tour guide pointed out the 9-million-pound dome and where the president stood at the inauguration.
Then they spotted their scrapbook moment: two U.S. Capitol Police officers walking toward them, assault rifles strapped to their chests.

"Can I take a picture of your gun?" a student shouted. The officer smiled and stopped to ask where they were from and about their trip. But the students were far more engrossed in their own questions -- "What kind of gun is it?" one asked. "You ever use the gun?" asked another before the officer wished them well and strolled away.

Then, after the obligatory whinning of pansy ass liberal about how SCARY guns are, the big stuff comes out.

Not everyone is troubled. After their stop at the Capitol, the Indiana eighth-graders boarded their bus for the short trip to the White House, where their tour guide, Ruth Croan, said as they pulled up, "We have to look up at the roof to see if there are any sharpshooters."

Those reminders of security help educate the students, said the youngsters' principal, Mike Robinson, who was on the trip. "These kids need to see what life is like," Robinson said. "It tells you that times have changed."

My son can attend Mike Robinson’s school any day.

The students still managed to find plenty to interest them, including a motorcade, which they were told was the king of Jordan's, leaving the Capitol. They also saw one of those police officers with the automatic rifle, standing guard on the steps.

"Hey, dude!" shouted James Warthmann, 14, wearing a camouflage-style baseball cap, his enthusiasm no less diminished when the officer did not respond.

"The weapons are kind of cool," the teenager said as he waited to board the tour bus. "It's like being at West Point."

Suddenly, my fear for the future is somewhat reduced. I’ve got to believe something like this is gonna make Kim start to do those naked happy dances out front again!


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