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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Transformation Begins

As my regular readers know, I purchased myself a SS ORM Colt 1991A1 a couple of weeks ago at the Nation's Gun Show in Chatilly, VA. This is my first 1911 style gun and I thought I would just get a Colt out of the box since everything else is just a copy anyway (plus the price was right).

Here's what it looked like that day.

As I stated at the time,
So far, I am super pleased and certain that she's a keeper. First upgrades (coming from the Brownell's Catalogue, of course) includes new rosewood grips and some Chip McCormick Power Mags. I'm gonna throw a new trigger on there too, but am waiting to run through the first 500 rounds before I settle on what I want. I'll post an actual range report later on this week.

Well, so far she is a keeper alright. 350 rounds into her life and only 3 FTFs (both my limp wristed fault) and every round on target. I am also 2/3 through my initial upgrade plans. First, I purchased myself some Chip McCormick Power Mags at a steal of a price from Natchez Shooting Sports. Then, the other day, I ordered a set of Chip McCormick rosewood grips. They arrived today and are truly things of beauty.

I'm sure you agree.


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