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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Moonbats on Parade

The moonbat's were on parade at the White House today and I was there, in the snow, with camera on hand.

First, we had a large group of disabled folks chanting "NGA, Pass The Resolution"

What the resolution is, and why they are protesting at the White House though, seems beyond most of them, but they were generally peaceful, vocal, and believed in their cause enough to stand outside all day long in the snow - No small feat for someone in a wheel chair..

What I did gather though is that there is a resolution before the National Governors Association considering whether to support S. 910 which allegedly would allow state money for disabled Americans to follow them wherever they went - and not be restricted to use in a nursing home. According to the protestor, if someone wants to get in home care, they would like the money the state currently pays the nursing homes for their care to instead be directed to any in home nurses.

Can't argue with that, though somehow I doubt the issue is as nicely framed as the chanting moonbat spokewoman put it (especially in light of the fact that their spokeswoman/leader) wasn't sure of the bill number, who introduced it, or preciesly why they were protesting at the White House, but they made a good show of storming the gates.

Of course, the other moobats were far worse - they were mourning the one year anniversary of the Haitian coup and calling for the U.S. to allow Jean Bertrand Aristide to return to power.

Me: Why are you protesting?
Moonbat Chick: It is the 1 year anniversary of the Haitian Coup and We want the White House to allow President Aristide to return to power?
Me: Wasn't he a cruel and barbaric dictator?
Moonbat Chick: He was democratically elected
Me: Oh, Democratically elected like Saddam Hussein? Didn't the UN remove him?
Moonbat Chick: We aren't protesting Iraq today.

Boy I wish my batteries hadn't died. A picture of her here - with facial jewelry and proper HEMP uniform - would have been just perfect. Oh well, instead, we are left with simply another crowd shot, though thats her in the overcoat on the far left (how appropriate).

Anyway, I think her comments say about as much about the subject as you need to know. The left is looney and the facts don't matter - as long as they have an excuse to protest George W. Bush. With Iraqi's rejoicing in the streets and participating in real democracy,, the Lebanese and Israelis about to join forces to take Lebanon back from the Syrians and turn it back into a the thriving democracy it once was (and with Syria and Iran also teetering on collapse) Aristide has become the left's dictator du jour as the unprofessional protesters desperately search out the next cause.


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