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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Buy A Gun For America Day

The march to Buy A Gun For America Day continues!!!!

If your tax refund is big enough, might I suggest this worthwhile package.

His Remington Army revolver is a captured Yankee issued gun, having a U.S. inspector’s cartouche stamped into the left grip. His revolver is serial number 32827. It is one hundred percent original and it retains more than eighty-five percent of its original blued finish. Coopwood carved a Texas star and inlaid a brass numeral two into the right grip. The gun is mechanically perfect and still has an excellent bore. The Confederate manufactured, russet holster is fitted with an iron buggy awning finial for a closure finial, but the holster’s flap has been cut away to allow for a quick draw. It is also fitted with a tie down string to keep the holster’s toe from rising during a quick draw. These alterations were especially important to a scout serving in the border-states where it was hard to tell friend from foe.

. . . .

Major Coopwood’s knife and scabbard are a beautifully crude affair. The wooden scabbard is custom made for this knife and it could not sheath any knife other than this one. The scabbard’s upper tin mount is punch art decorated with, the word TEXAS and 2 M R which stands for the 2nd Texas Mounted Rifles. The 2nd Mounted Rifles eventually became the 2nd Texas Cavalry. The scabbard’s tin toe is decorated with the punch art letters CSA. The complete group is in excellent condition.

They've got lots more worth checking out.


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