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Monday, March 07, 2005

And to hell with the Second Amendment

That apparently is the view of New York City's MaoistRepublican mayor Michael Bloomberg according to
the NY Post.
The mayor, meanwhile, let on to his true agenda recently on his radio show when asked if all handguns should be banned. "I'm not so sure I wouldn't think that is a good idea," he said.

The editorial, which addresses the forthcoming bill granting immunity from reckless lawsuits for firearms manufacturers is a welcome oasis of relief in a city otherwise opposed to freedom, mom's and apple pie on the fourth of july.
A bill in Congress to block lawsuits against gun-makers is hardly a per fect answer to litigious gun-control activists, but it seems the best recourse nonetheless.

Notwithstanding calls by folks like Mayor Bloomberg to defeat the bill.

Such sweeping legislation, which would limit suits by states and localities, should bother anyone concerned about limited government.

But, then, so should the explosion of those suits against a perfectly legal industry.

Yep, that about sums it up. Just remember, Bloomberg is a lifelong liberal Democrat (and billionaire) who only ran as a Republican because he couldn't win the crowded Democratic mayoral primary.


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