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Monday, March 07, 2005

Another Lost Cause

Its a shame what's happened to Connecticut. Once the center of America's industrial might and the home of our world class firearms industry, its now another racist, class based liberal utopia with no regard for its citizens (or at least those citizens with under a million dollars. WFSB Cab driver charged after killing in self defense.
John Lutters says he is the victim after he was stabbed in the neck during a robbery attempt and fought back.

Lutters is now a convicted felon, having to plead guilty to charges in court. Lutters did not have a permit to carry the gun he used to shoot his passenger, Travis Hazelwood, in self defense.

"It's cost me everything I've had just about, including a criminal record", says Lutters.

Police charged him with illegal possession of a gun. But Lutter's attorney argued that under Connecticut state law, you don't need a gun permit if you keep it in your home or your place of business.

"If the cab is not his place of business than what is", says attorney Robert Berke.

sadly, Connecticut is another state that has fallen victim to a run-away liberal judiciary with no regard for reason. This time, the State Supreme Court has ruled that a taxi cab isn't a place of business (therefore subjecting those citizens most likely to be at risk of violent death to face such a fate unarmed)


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