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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

John "Sportsman My Ass" Kerry

Much has been made about John Kerry's recollections of his love for deer hunting. While most commentators are astounded at his claims that he used a shotgun and crawled around on his stomach, most have not pressed the issue beyond simply ridiculing Mr. Kerry. While clearly not a Kerry fan, I am nevertheless hesitant to challenge the story (scroll down to "The Last Word") on the facts uncovered so far.

However, as we have seen with his claims of Christmas in Cambodia, there exists a written record that will undoubtably expose John Kerry to be the liar he is. And what record is that - simple, in order to hunt, Mr. Kerry would have been required to apply for a hunting license and a deer tag. If he hunts as often as he lets on, then he certainly can dig up some documentary evidence of this (and show how he has been licensed for years, not just the last year), and if not, then an audit of the state records in whatever state he crawled around with his trusty 12 guage in could show it.

In addition, while Massachussets doesn't require a license to own a shotgun, the state does require a license to carry or firearms identification card for the purchase of ammo and the possession of a shotgun while hunting.

I don't have the time to do this search (I'm already trying to take down enough enemies of America at work), but surely the NRA or the G.O.A. or some of my resourceful readers have the werewithall to FOIA these otherwise public records.

Seeing how onerous Massachusetts hunting regulations are, wouldn't it be interesting if Mr. Kerry could elaborate (in the debates or otherwise) on his experience in complying with them?

UPDATE: The Bitterest Bitch has some great information for all you treasure hunters out there.
  1. Apparantly, John Kerry does need to apply for a license to own a shotgun in Taxachussets
    Possession No License to Carry (LTC) or Firearms Identification (FID) Card is needed by bow hunters, nor by minors 12-14 years old hunting with a duly licensed adult, nor for the possession of primitive rifles or shotguns as defined in Chapter 140, Section 121, or their ammunition. However, an LTC or FID is required to purchase all ammunition, including black powder and Pyrodex. For hunting, resident citizens ages 15 and over must have an FID Card to possess a non-large capacity rifle or shotgun. An LTC is needed to possess large capacity rifles and shotguns and all handguns. Non-residents with a valid Massachusetts non- resident hunting license do not need an LTC or FID to possess or carry a rifle or shotgun, but must carry their firearms unloaded and in a case while traveling in their vehicles. Non-residents may not purchase guns or ammunition in Massachusetts.
    (emphasis mine). Thats almost as egregious as New Jersey. I'm glad I don't have to drive through Taxachussets anymore.

  2. John Kerry's firearms records are not considered public records for purposes of the states freedom of information act, though hunting license applications apparantly are.
      (j) the names and addresses of any persons contained in, or referred to in, any applications for any licenses to carry or possess firearms issued pursuant to chapter one hundred and forty or any firearms identification cards issued pursuant to said chapter one hundred and forty and the names and addresses on sales or transfers of any firearms, rifles, shotguns, or machine guns or ammunition therefor, as defined in said chapter one hundred and forty and the names and addresses on said licenses or cards;

  3. The process of applying for a hunting license doesn't lend itself to either organized state records, or ease of records retrieval. However, while that may be so, the state does have some records of John Kerry having applied for a hunting license in the past and as a search of this database reveals. To find his records, you will need his customer ID which can be retrieved by "Entering" the system and having this information on hand - John Kerry's name (duh!) his date of birth (12/11/1943) and his home address including zip code (19 Louisburg Square, Boston, MA 02108). That information should enable you to retrieve his customer id (388485) and home phone number (which I'm not going to publish) and shows he has apparantly applied for a license in the past (though, much like his refusal to pay the optional HIGHER massachussets tax rate, Mr. Kerry has declined the free Hunters Affinity card which helps to fund the purchase of additional hunting lands.

  4. Finally, since Kerry doesn't even show up in Massachussets to represent his constituents, she doesn't think he would ever actually hunt there (if, in fact, he did hunt) since his wife has homes all over the world. Can't say I disagree with this train of thought, although he has at least registered for a hunting license on one occaision.

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