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Saturday, August 21, 2004

The Continuing Kerry Sage

The lack of knowledge about the issues and major players by media heads on both sides is simply astonishing.
Last night for instance, every channel had a Kerry Campaign representative talking about how the so called coordination of the Swift Boat Vets was handled by the same group of people who launched the whisper campaign against John McCain and that Bush intended to do the same thing to Kerry.

Throughout these discussions, on Fox, CNN, MSNBC, Headlines News, CNBC and the network newscasts, images and sounds from the latest video were played, with most focusing on the comments of Paul Galanti. Not one single talking head mentioned that Paul Galanti was a leader of McCain's presidential campaign.

I've always thought (indeed, its one of the reasons I started blogging) that TV journalists and commentators are for the most part brainless fools and if they can go on the air and talk about something they obviously have not done even a 30 second google search on, then I can too. Last night, it was confirmed.


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