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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

DiFi/Schumer/Pelosi/McCarthy Contingency Fund

Via the Heartless Libertarian, via Ravenwood, comes Mike Adam's "Preparing for Pelosi."

Lets examine, shall we??

Mike Adam's wants the following

- 13 round mags for his Springfield .45 ACP XD
- Loaded Standard Springfield M1A Rifle
- Springfield 1911-A1 Micro Compact with optional light rail
- Springfield 1911 Lightweight Operator

all good choices, but not really anything (other than the mags) that I imagine the gun banners will grab within the first few months. We generally have time to stock up on additional 1911s (and M1As)

Ravnwood's put together the following wish list

- Barrett Model 82A1.
- Bobcat Weapons BW-5. (a semi-auto 9mm MP5 clone).
- FN Five-seveN.
- Yugo SKS.
- Bushmaster AR-15.
- Smith and Wesson .500 Revolver.

As always, Steve seems to be thinking along the same lines as me.

HL, too.

- anything .50 BMG
- evil black assault rifle
- AK klones
- AK shotgun
- an M-14 kit
- standard capacity mags

Ahh, not much to disagree with there, either, though the details might be slightly different.

so, without much further ado, here's my list

- First things first. Now that I am again an AK owner (or will be Wednsday), I need at least another dozen 40 round mags for my nifty new WASR. One of these too!
- An AR15, the one rifle I've been meaning to get for a long time, but haven't. I'd probably go with a Rock River Arms Tactical CAR A4, but really, any would do.
- A 50 BMG, probably a Serbu since they were cool enough to loan one to Jeff Soyer, but really, if I became flush with cash, nothing is stopping me from picking up a Barrett
- An FN-FAL, probably a DSA SA58SP, complete with the evil folding stock.
- SOCOM 16, with a dozen or so standard capacity 20 round magazines (actually, I'd like to get one of these before the AR15)

Thats it, really, besides the usual desire for a class III gun (can you say Uzi????). My tastes these days are really more for hunting rifles and fine shotguns . . . but I'm not about to look away from any bit of firepower.


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