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Friday, February 27, 2004


GeekWithA.45 just posted a communication he recieved from the NRA. As he states at the end

Obviously, there are pieces of the Legislative puzzle missing, and if we knew what they were, assessment would probably be a snap. Since we're operating in an environment of incomplete information, the uncertaintly level is never going to be comfortable.

Yes, this is true. What the NRA is talking about and what many of the less savy (but by no means less honorable) gun control groups don't understand with regad to this bill, is that what we see on the senate floor right now is irrelevant. Whatever the senate passes then heads to a conference between the Senate and the House. At conference, the differences between both bills will be worked out and a final bill, to be voted on by both houses will emerge. It is the final bill, post conference, that goes to the President. Since R's control both houses of Congress, they get to pick who sits at the conference table. I explained this somewhat in discussing Boxer's trigger lock amendment.

As the NRA points out, the House won't let these amendments pass. They are outside themainstream and represent the liberal fringes of the party. Some of them (the armor piercing bullet amendment) are so looney I don't even think Kerry would vote for them. At the end of the day, this means that ALL these amendments will be stripped out of the final bill (yes, even the DC gun ban thing if they suspect that will prevent final passage) before it is voted on again. At that stage, there is no more oportunity for amendments and the president will get a nice clean bill to sign. The underlying bill passed the senate overwhelmingly. No one is going to go back and vote against it now, especially if it doesnt conain amenemdnts.

We have almost nothing to fear, but our own UNINFORMED advocates.

Please people, I know many have concerns with the NRA, but they are really the 900 pound gorilla in Washington. They got that way by being SMART!. The Gun Grabbers are smart, its time Gun Owners smartened up. Don't oppose these efforts. The process will work itself out. There won't be an assault weapons ban extension. They wont get to close down gun shows. They won't get to ban .30-30 ammo. They wont force new safety technology on handguns. Nothing, nada, zero bad is going to happen if we play the game - and remember it is a game. The ruels are set, they are often confusing for those not in Washington, but we can work the system, and we will work the system.

Victory is in site. Keep the calls to your Senators going. Keep your hopes up. Lets not fall into VPC's trap!


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