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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Another Good D.C. Restaurant Post.

The Post's new Reliable Source (ie: Gossip Monger) Richard Leiby is reporting that Chris Rock and an old school hip hop entourage (Doug E. Fresh, Little Vicious, Nelson George and Grandmaster Flash) were spotted eating at Ortanique after filming an HBO Special at DAR Constitution Hall.

Ortanique is one of downtown D.C.'s great restaurants. The Hors d'ourves are exquisite, the wait staff is great, and the bar ladies are both very attractive and very creative. My wife loves their cranberry layered martinis.

If your in town, try to check them out. They have been very helpful to the Taste of the South event over the years. For what its worth, so has Calhoun's On The River in Knoxville, which should be of interest to all the Instapundit folks.


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