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Thursday, March 04, 2004

The Reuters Quagmire

IN a page straight out of the New York Times, Reuters (and Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!) trumpet the news thatFormer Astronaut Glenn Criticizes Bush Space Plan. Of course, its only when you click on the link from Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!'s home page and read a couple of paragraphs down that you discover - oh golly gee stop the presses - that John Glenn was also a Democratic Senator.

Of course, after slipping in that one little admission the article never again treats Glenn like the biased and nasty partisan he is - but rather gives him free reign to attack the President as a disinterested expert in the field.

This is such hogwash. Folks, its as if the New York Times ran a front page story "War Hero's Object To Bush's Military Strategy" and then only quote John "Ketchup Boy" Kerry, tha haughty, french looking democrat, who by the way served in Vietnam.


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