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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Three Card Monty

Three Card Monty is the game scamsters used to play on the street corners of Times Square - you know the one, where they show you three cards and mix them up. You pick one and have to find it. Well, sometimes instead of cards, they would use a coconut shell with some trinket under it (a rock or something) It seems Shell Oil was caught again hiding the goods - or in this case, claiming something was there when it wasn't. As I said yesterday, this is going to turn out to be as big, if not bigger, then Worldcom, Healthsouth, ImClone/Marth Stewart when its all over. Might even surpass Enron - especially if the administration ... come October ... is looking for an easy and painless way to stick it to oil companies and prove that they aren't in the petro industries back pocket.

If I was an executive at Shell, I would be protecting my assests and looking for a lawyer ... a good lawyer, not one of the big firm fools who charges alot but never gets anything done ... they need serious criminal defense attorneys.


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