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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Good Grief, Their Actually Going To F'ing Do It.

Well, its almost official. The Republican Party in Virgina is about to hand over its testicles to Democratic Governor Mark Warner.

Sure, not all Republics will go to sleep tonite as Geldings. State Sen. Ken Cuccinelli is still fighting the good fight.
Those who vote for the tax package will doubtless win the (temporary) favor of Mr. Warner, liberal-leaning big business types, and the New York Times and Washington Post editorial boards. But, in doing so, these politicians will alienate many conservative- and libertarian-leaning voters, who have proven indispensable to the rise of the Virginia Republican Party over the past decade.
The tax-increase package is bad politics and bad public policy. The House Republican leadership supports an alternative tax package — one that increases spending by more than 11 percent over the next two years, but without increases in general sales or income taxes. But that was not enough to satisfy Mr. Warner and Senate Finance Committee Chairman John Chichester, a Republican. While the package passed the Senate by a wide margin, today's House vote is expected to be much closer.

Time will tell, and by this time tomorrow, we will be naming names and making predictions.

One thing is for certain, Republican Congressman Tom Davis does not deserve re-election. The perenial, alcoholic, fence sitter (who handed over his balls a long time ago) has finally taken a hard stand on one issue. By offering seemingly unlimited financial support for any Republican who votes for the tax increase, Davis (the head of the Republican National Congressional Committee) has just applied for a position with the incoming Kerry Campaign. Bastard!!