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Friday, April 16, 2004

Great NY Times Iraq Story

The New York Times has an excellent and important multimedia report about an attack on marines that occurred last nite outside Falluja.

Lynsey Addario, the freelance photographer who provided made the report has been covering the War from the Iraqi side since it started. She was just embedded with this marine troop and calls the marines capable and professional. She ends the report by stating that she now knows that the U.S. Marines do not fire indiscriminantly at people, nor do they fire first. The marines, according to Addario, knew attacks were imminent and saw vehicles driving up to their convoy to scout out the best point for an attack, but the marines did not fire back until fired upon.

She seems relieved to have lived through the attack and very impressed with our military. Perhaps we should embed the New York Times editorial board with the Marines in Falluja.


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