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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Jews Against Israel

I just saw the strangest sight I may have ever laid my eyes on.

Right now, there is a protest going on in LaFayette Park, in front of the White House. There is a large group of Orthodox Jews (Hassidics??) protesting against Israel's existance.

Yep, you heard that right, these are Jews Against Israel.

I'll post pictures tonite from home, but based upon the snippet of diatribe I heard, they are demanding the removal of the jewish state and the return of palestinians to Israel.

Their signs stated, among other items:
Judaism Rejects Zionism and the State of Israel

Authentic Rabbis Always Opposed Zionism and the State of Israel

Zionism and Judasim Are Extreme Opposites

Israel Does Not Represent World Jewry

Torah Forbids Any Jewish State

Solution: Peaceful Dismantling of the Zionist State

True Jews Will Never Recognize Israel

According to their statement they say that "'Sharon' and the State of 'Israel' [are] The Nemesis Of A Jewish Representation"

Of course, as can be expected, this demonstration attracted almost as many TV cameras and reports as Jewish protesters. There are also a small contingent of Palenstinian Protesters and the usual Bush is evil types.

Truly a strange sight to behold. Like I said, Pics go up tonite.
UPDATE - Sorry. It doesn't look like I will get the pictures up tonite. I still need to purchase a new camera and was using my Kodak DX3900 (which had miraculously repaired itself). Well, after taking the pics of the protesters today and then going to dinner with some relatives from out of town and getting some nice family pics, I made it home and it looks like the camera doesn't want to work. It won't turn on (but the lens is out and the green light on the side keeps blinking - whether its on or off) and it won't download to my computer. I'm gonna take the memory disk in to work tomorrrow and have the techie guys pull the pics and I'll try to post them at that point.


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