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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Traitors In Our Midst

The Republican Controlled Virginia House of Delegates has voted 52-46 to increase our taxes.

The Following Traitors voted in support of a tax hike here in Virginia.
(I'm ignoring the D's cause thats the platform they ran on, and hence aren't traitors to their cause, even if they show outright contmept to the American way of life)

Please make sure you campaign against each of these, regardless of how bad their opponent might be. Better to face a known evil than have to worry about internal sabotage.

Bryant, Lynchburg (23)
Callahan, Fairfax (34)
Carrico, Grayson (5)
Dillard, Fairfax (41)
Fralin, Roanoke City (17)
Hurt, Pittsylvania (16)
Ingram, Hopewell (62)
Jones, S.C., Suffolk (76)
Marshall, D.W., Danville (14)
Morgan, Gloucester (98)
Nutter, Montgomery (7)
Oder, Newport News (94)
Parrish, Manassas (50)
Reese, Fairfax (67)
Rust, Fairfax (86)
Scott, E.T., Culpeper (30)
Tata, Virginia Beach (85)

Also deserving of a special boot in the balls (and the end of his political career) is perenial fence sitter and now tax supporter, U.S. Congressman Tom Davis. Davis, as head of the Republican National Congressional Committee controls the Republican Party's election finances and decides who gets how much money. As a result, he is one of the most powerful members of Congress. He has decided to use this power, and money, to ensure all 17 of the above mentioned traitors have enough campaign resources to survive their expected loss in donations and primary and general election challenges. Send Tom a note and let him know what you think.