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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Dennis Hopper's a Republican????????????????

That's what Liz Smith is reporting
DENNIS HOPPER is the "Easy Rider" star-director who grew up surrounded by Democrats. In the '60 he marched with Martin Luther King and protested the Vietnam War.

But did you know that he is now a political conservative and has been since Ronald Reagan? He says, "I liked [Bill] Clinton, but I voted for Bush Sr. And I'm definitely voting for [George W.] Bush again."

Mr. Hopper's wife Victoria is a passionate Democrat who has raised money for John Edwards and John Kerry. Of her Democratic passions, Hopper says to the London Times: "I support Bush and I support my wife and what my wife's involved in. That's all. We don't talk politics. I respect her things, and you know, whether she respects mine doesn't really matter to me."
The Apocalypse must really be coming.


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