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Saturday, May 22, 2004

Blogging burnout?

Tyler Cohen, of the Mercatus Center and George Mason University is writing about blog burnout at the Marginal Revolution As I approach my six month blogging anniversary, Blog burnout is something I am beginign t think about. While it hasn't really interrupted my family life or work yet . . . in light of the whole Washingtonienne epsidoe (though in Wonkette's interview she seems remarkably level headed about the whole thing - the fall out I image though will be less glamorous than she is imaginine) I am less inclined than ever to blog from work (where I do my real thinking) and staying up late at night to work on the blog is getting, shall we say, tired.

What I really want to do, and have been hinting about here for a month or so, is to get web space (anyone know of cheap providers) and get a nice Moveable Type page up and running. Anyway, it shal continue because, as Tyler points out
The "Master Bloggers," whoever you think those may be, are strange in the first place. Viewed in that light, it is easier to see how they keep it up. They are always "talking out loud," if only to themselves. Hooking them up to a terminal involves mobility issues, but fewer lifestyle changes than a "normal person" might think.
Not that I am a master blogger - but I am rather opinionated and if I can speak out here, then I am not insulting someone and getting into a bar fight "there."


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