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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Signs of a Fat Pig v. Fuckface Dispute

Richard Leiby is reporting that Miramax has hired a number of former Clinton spinmeisters to help promote the fat pigs latest bile.
Parachuting into France for the documentary's Cannes Film Festival launch, a Miramax rep told us, were Howard Wolfson, ex-campaign press secretary for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Michael Feldman, a top adviser on Al Gore's 2000 presidential race. (Feldman founded the Glover Park Group, a D.C. communications outfit, with ex-Clinton spokesman Joe Lockhart.) Also providing PR expertise on the anti-Bush movie: former Clinton White House advisers Mark Fabiani and Chris Lehane.
Mr. Lehane of course, is infamous as the source of the John Fuckface Fonda Kerry slipping it to an intern rumour that surfaced after the Liberal Masshole Twit fired him from his campaign.

One would think, after a performance like that, if the Fat Pig really supported the Liberal Masshole Twit, he wouldn't hire his failed assassin. . . . Stay tuned . . . there is undoubtably more to this story than just meets the eye.


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