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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

"It's going to drive the copycats crazy,"

Cool. Apple continues to trounce windows.
Among 150 planned new features will be an advanced new searching tool called "Spotlight" that can instantly search for keywords across different types of files in the machine -- whether they're in an e-mail, image, or text document.

Other highlighted "Tiger" features included support for multiple participants in the iChat video-conferencing program; a new version of the Safari browser that can generate a news feedlike interface for Web sites; support for the next-generation video-compression standard known as H.264; and a "Dashboard" feature that allows users to pull up a custom collection of tools, say, the calculator, iTunes control panel, and a to-do list -- all with one keyboard tap.

So, not only does Apple further advance the state of the art of operating systems, by integrating a superior compression, searching, and web browsing, along with its own RSS news feed, but Apple also builds superior screens.

View the world in widescreen.

Now, why don't you have a Mac?


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