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Saturday, July 17, 2004


Thats what we are hearing from the Washington Post as its now Saturday, and so far they have failed to publish neither my letter on the open carry articles or anyone elses.

However, they do have two firearms related letters in today's paper. The first comes from Gary Mehalik of the National Shooting Sports Foundation who corrects their continued misstatements about the assault weapons ban.
Weapons Ban Explained

Regarding your July 11 news story "Weapons Ban Set to Fade Into Sunset": In 1994, Congress defined "assault weapons" as those semiautomatic firearms with features resembling fully automatic machine guns. All semiautos manufactured today comply with the restrictions of this law, function mechanically the same way as "banned" firearms and even use the same ammunition. "Banned" firearms originally manufactured with "assault weapon" cosmetic features remain legal to buy and sell. Congress never forbade their ownership nor banned them for target shooting or hunting. Nothing about that will change in September when the law expires.

The other letter, from a neighbor of mine questions why people have forgotten about the duel that took place on the Arlington McLean line near Chain Bridge twenty years after Burr and Hamiltons.
On April 8, 1826, the two men fired two shots at each other near the Chain Bridge on the current Arlington-McLean border. The Potomac Heritage Trail goes past the probable duel site. Mr. Randolph authored the academic basis for the Civil War -- states' rights. Clay, co-author of the Missouri Compromise, tried to keep us from civil war.


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