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Monday, September 27, 2004

Let's Just Ban Guns

Ya Know, the liberals (especially here in corrupt Washington, D.C.) keep insisting that the D.C. Gun ban is a success and the only thing keeping D.C. Citizens (and especially the children) out of the morgue is the D.C. Gun ban.

Yeah, right. Looks like they might need to reconsider.

A night and early morning of gunfire in the area left five people dead and four wounded, including a teenage student at Ballou Senior High School who was found shot to death in a stolen car, becoming the 20th juvenile slain in the District this year.

. . . .

Walker's death was the latest in a string of killings that has pushed the District's number of juvenile homicides to record levels in recent years. She was the 20th juvenile to be slain this year in the District. Last year, 12 juveniles were killed; in 2002, there were 16 juvenile homicides, Gentile said.

Hmm. I can't imagine how something like this could happen. Didn't these kids realize that

  • its illegal to murder someone;

  • its illegal to shoot someone;

  • its illegal to steal a car;

  • its illegal to use a firearm in the commission of a crime;

  • its illegal for juveniles, indeed any one under 21 years of age, to purchase a handgun or handgun ammunition;

  • its illegal to discharge a firearm in the District of Columbia;

  • its illegal to possess ammunition (including individual component sub parts - shell casings, gunpoweder, bullets, primers) in the District of Columbia;
  • , and of course
  • its illegal to posses a gun within the District of Columbia?

With tough laws like that on the books, makes you sort of wonder why crime in D.C. keeps spiraling out of control?
Aren't these kids afraid that the corrupt and incompetent Chucky "Cheese" Ramsey is going to throw them in jail? Or at least ask for a bribe?


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