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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

LIght Blogging Alert

Its been a pretty bad family health week for the Countertop Chronicles. Last week, my Grandmother went to the hospital with pretty serious liver problems (she is doing a bit better, but her troubles aren't over yet) and now today, the Col. Countertop Father in Law is undergoing five way bypass surgery.

The Colonel, or as I like to refer to him - My Own Personal Rambo, retired from the U.S. Army after a gloriousand distinguished 30 year career where he fought communists and enemies of America worldwide - from Korea to Vietnam (where he volunteered for multiple tours of duty and turned down a dozen possible purple hearts because they shouldn't be awarded for mere flesh wounds) to the German Russian border to Iran and Iraq and throughout the middle east collecting a large and impressive enough collection of the nations highest medals for valor and courage to go along with his exploits.

This man has more integrity and courage in an ounce of ballsweat than John Kerry could ever imagine possessing.

Please say a prayer for him today.



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