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Friday, November 19, 2004

Light Postings

Sorry for the light postings the last couple of days. With Congress back in town, I've been running around trying to finish up some last minute business and ensure the nation stays on course. I know, its a big burden, but someone's got to do it.

Quick highlights - Wednesday's hearing of the House Government Reform Subcommittee on Energy and Environment was hijacked by the craziest and looniest of the moonbat left - Dennis Kucinich, Chris Van Holland, and John Tierney - who decided that instead of discussing OMBs nominations for regulatory reform that they would attack EPA Deputy Administer Stephen Johnson and OIRA head John Graham over the state of the Utility Mercury Rule. As an American, I thought their performance (the idiot moonbats in Congress) was really rather insulting and showed once again why American's continue to reject their deluded liberal world view in ever greater numbers.

What witness did they present to refute the testimony of Stephen Johnson - a 28 year career EPA employee who only recently became a political employee (must punish must punish) and Harvard PhD Dr. Graham???

Some idiot Associate Law Professor from the Seattle Law School who looked 18 (and has written, well . . . certainly not extensively), read what amounted to NRDC talking points, and decided she was qualified to discuss not only the science of mercury exposure (as if she were a toxicologist) but also the design and effectiveness of various mercury control technology's in levels most engineers would be frightened to approach. Not surprisingly, she was more or less completely wrong on every point of her testimony. If anyone could be as off as Dennis Kucinich, she certainly qualifies. I'd advise not to look at Seattle if your considering law school.

The other highlight of course was a meeting today at King and Spaulding's Washington, D.C. office.

Gorgeous. Its like walking into one of those Apple Macintosh stores. Everything was a very clean, futuristic white, with beautiful white lights along the baseboards and integrated into the wall panels, as well as long panoramic windows looking out over Pennsylvania Ave. On top of it all was one of the better law firm collections of American art.

After practicing for 6 years - and then escaping - I usually hate to attend meetings at law firms. This time, I felt completely at ease and rather enjoyed the experience. You can thank the interior designers for that. They did a great job and I urge everyone to try and visit King & Spaulding's D.C. office.


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