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Friday, December 17, 2004

Asshats and Heros

What an ass hole.

So, I am trying to get my wife a last minute Christmas gift. She's been using a P22, but I thought she might like to move up to something in the womenly 9mm range.

Hmm, maybe a nice Star BM. I know there were a bunch floating around pretty cheap about 6 months ago, but being the schmuck I am, I failed to secure one then.

Well, I decided to call around and while most local vendors (all of whom I have done plenty of business with) were out, they were all generally understanding of my desires. All but the fucking asshole at National Pawnbrokers in Arlington, VA. His response "They've been out of business for a while. We don't have carry them." TO which I responded, "sure, but there are a number floating around, can you let me know if you come across one?"

Know, I don't think my response was so bad, in fact, it indicates a willingness to even consider doing business with this asshat who in no way deserves to be in business at all. He of course cursed me out "NO. I DON'T HAVE ANY AND AM NOT GETTING ANY. WE DON'T CARRY THOSE'

I should point out of course that Arlington, VA is about as GFW of a locality as you can find, and Mr. National Pawnbroker gun dealer (the old asshat in the back) is on friend of gun owners - refusing to carry EBRs and once refusing to sell me a .44 mag because I didn't have a proper need for it.

Do them a favor. Don't give them any business. If your in Northern Virginia and looking for firearms, go to Potomac Arms in Alexandria (great collection of old He Who Shall Not Be Named approved military arms), or Virginia Arms in Manassas (about as upstanding and gun friendly a place as you could dream about - plus they do cheap internet transfers) or Blue Ridge Arsenal in Chantilly (which had some asshole kid working there the other night but is still 100X better than it used to be) or The Range in Stafford (they rent nice toys) or Shooters Paradise in Woodbridge (a nice local local range) or any of the other great firearms dealers in Virginia looking to cut you a good deal.


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